Submit a research agreement proposal so you can access restricted records.

It is a legal agreement between you and the City of Toronto. It allows you to see government records which may contain personal or sensitive information. In return, you agree to certain conditions, such as anonymizing personal information you may find in the records.

You should do one when you need to see a significant amount of archival records (more than five files) that are restricted under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Privacy Act. Generally, you would submit a proposal if you are researching an academic thesis, a book, or other long-term research project.

This happens when you are searching for records in the Archives’ online database, and you keep finding records marked “Requires Review – Under Access and Privacy Legislation these government records require review prior to being made available to the public.” Any files marked “Requires Review” are restricted under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Privacy Act (MFIPPA).

To provide information to the Corporate Information Management Services – Access Unit so that they may evaluate and determine the researcher’s ability, judgement and competence to successfully and responsibly access personal information.

Yes, you need to file a Freedom of Information Request. Along with this form, you need to submit a list of the files that you want to see. This list can be created in the Archives’ online database. Additionally, you need to write a letter addressed to:

Corporate Information Management Services – Access Unit
100 Queen St. W., 13th Floor West,
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2

  • The names and positions of all those who will have access and use of the personal information (i.e. principal researcher and research assistant)
  • A curriculum vitae for each of the persons involved in the project, who will have access to the records
  • References, such as from your thesis advisor or your publisher
  • General description of the research project (date range, types of records) and the objectives of the project
  • The proposed method of analysis
  • An explanation of why the research cannot be accomplished without accessing individually identifiable information
  • A statement about when personal identifiers will be removed
  • The benefits to be derived from the research project

You will receive a letter detailing the records you are approved to access, which must be presented at the Archives when you order any files or boxes. Your research agreement is valid for two years.