The Municipal Education Program at Toronto City Hall is currently unavailable. For more information about the building or how municipal government works in the city, please see the online resources below.

Offered at Toronto’s iconic City Hall, this 90-minute program informs about the structure of and the services provided by the City of Toronto government. The program is offered to Grades 5, 10, ESL, and any other classes that have municipal politics as part of their curriculum.

Online resources

The City has online tours and information about City Hall

My Local Government – It’s For Me has information about local government in Toronto, how you can have your say and how you can serve your city.

The Student Experience

Students will:

  • learn about government structure, the City’s budget, and key services provided by the City
  • find out how people can get involved in the decision-making process
  • visit the Council Chamber and the Mayor’s Office (if available)

Booking Information

  • Advance booking is required. Please contact the Archives at 416-392-5561 or at to book a program.
  • Please request your tour at least one month before your preferred date.
  • Provide three preferred dates, for a better chance of getting a tour.
  • Let us know the councillor and ward for your school.
  • The program is free and lasts between one and one-and-a-half hours.
  • Minimum group size is 10, maximum is 30.