Council proceedings are the official, legal record of the decisions the City of Toronto Council makes.

Proceedings include:

  • minutes
  • committee reports to Council
  • by-laws
  • miscellaneous additional information, such as speeches

Proceedings are in hard copy only. You must visit the Archives to see them.

Tips on Using the Council Proceedings:

  • Minutes tell briefly what happened at a Council meeting. Committee reports offer much more detail about an issue, sometimes including maps, letters, historical overviews, budgets, and other information.
  • Volumes of proceedings usually contain indexes. The subjects used in the index are not the same from year to year.
    • If you cannot find the topic you are looking for, try:
    • using a different word (e.g., “social services” instead of “welfare”)using a broader term (e.g., “TTC” instead of “Bloor subway line”)
    • including the name of the municipality (e.g., “Toronto Works Department” instead of just “Works Department”).
  • Proceedings are not a word-for-word transcription of the meeting (such a transcription does not exist).
  • The Archives also has DVDs, videotapes, and audiotapes of some Council meetings. Please ask Archives staff to help you find these in the Archives database.

Council Proceedings Online: