The Toronto Computer Leasing Inquiry/Toronto External Contracts Inquiry website (previously located at is no longer active. Ownership of and responsibility for the Inquiry website was transferred to the City of Toronto Archives (City Clerk’s Office) at the Inquiry’s conclusion. The archived version of the official Inquiry website is now available on the City of Toronto website.

The archived version of the Inquiry website is unchanged with the following exceptions:

  • a redundant link to Justice Bellamy’s report has been deleted from the Inquiry index page
  • broken links on the “Media Releases” and “Transcripts” pages have been redirected or removed
  • some explanatory text has been added in italics

Mayor Tables Progress Report on First Anniversary of Inquiry Report

Mayor David Miller has submitted a report from the City Manager on the progress the City is making on implementing the recommendation of the Toronto Computer Leasing Inquiry and the Toronto External Contracts Inquiry.

In the first year since the Inquiry reported, the City has implemented or is acting on 93 per cent of the recommendations. Almost all of the remaining recommendations will be addressed in the coming year.

Download a copy of the progress report.

Madam Justice Denise Bellamy released her final report on the Toronto Computer Leasing Inquiry and the Toronto External Contracts Inquiry on September 12, 2005.

Mayor David Miller and City Manager, Shirley Hoy, respond to the release of Madam Justice Bellamy’s final report on September 12:

Read Shirley Hoy’s April 11, 2005 report to the Administration Committee and her letter to Commissioner Denise Bellamy on the status of City of Toronto Initiatives undertaken in the areas of procurement, management controls, integrity and governance since January 2004.