The Toronto Computer Leasing Inquiry (TCLI) and Toronto External Contracts Inquiry (TECI) were formed to investigate the history of contracts entered into by the City of Toronto with MFP Financial Services (thus the nickname “MFP inquiry”) and other companies. The inquries started in 2002 and ended in 2005. They were headed by Madame Justice Denise Bellamy of the Ontario Superior Court. Justice Bellamy was also mandated by the TCLI terms of reference to make recommendations concerning sound municipal governance. She released her final report on September 12, 2005.

The inquiries created and maintained a website, The website was transferred to the City of Toronto after the inquiries ended. At that time, an archived copy was preserved and made available online. As well, the City of Toronto provided additional information relating to the inquiries, such as press releases and staff reports.

More information about The Toronto Computer Leasing Inquiry and Toronto Contract Inquiry fonds, Fonds 260, can be seen in the Archives’ descriptive database.

The website of the City of Toronto is an excellent source of information about municipal services. It is available (though not always complete) from 1996 and onward.

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine offers captures of the site starting in 1996.

The Canadian Government Information Web Archive at the University of Toronto, in partnership with the City of Toronto Archives, offers more complete versions of the website starting in 2014. You can see it organized by schedule of web crawls or by section.

Websites can be excellent sources of information about municipal governments and services. The Internet Archive Wayback Machine offers partial captures of content of the following sites. (Some of the municipalities continued to maintain their own websites for a few years after they became part of the City of Toronto in the 1998 municipal amalgamation.)

Former City of Toronto, 1996-present

City of North York, 1997-1999

City of Scarborough, 1996-2000

City of York, 1997-1999

Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto (Metro), 1997-1999

Indexes exist for North York Council minutes between 1967 and 1996. They are a convenient way to search for specific topics, such as addresses or developer names.

North York Council minutes are organized by meeting date, then clause number. To see the index for a particular year, click on the date below.

To find a specific volume of North York Council minutes, go to the Archives’ online database. To see the Council minutes themselves, please visit the Archives.