In 2020, Transportation Services undertook a review of 47 winter maintenance services contracts. The majority of the City’s winter maintenance is delivered by private contractors.

As the result of a 2021 procurement initiative, City Council approved 11 consolidated contracts for a single contractor to deliver winter maintenance services for all roads, cycling lanes and sidewalks within a precise geographic zone (IE26.4). The 11 new contracts begin November 2022 and will continue for seven years, with three additional single option years.

The new operations will utilize GPS technology and key performance metrics for contractor accountability. Other potential benefits include access to dash camera footage to respond to service requests and claims, an insurance rebate, volume discounts, and leasing revenue in the off season to store equipment on site.

Current Status

The total cost for the provision of Winter Maintenance Services, for all roads, sidewalks and cycling infrastructure types including anti-icing, de-icing, plowing and snow removal is $1,471,384,127 ($1,497,280,488 net of HST recoveries) over the 10-year contract term (inclusive of the three option years and contingency).

Funding for future years included in annual budget processes reflect the actual experience of the prior winter seasons.

Background & Context

Transportation Services currently provides annual winter maintenance services on approximately 5,600 km of roads, 7,000 km of sidewalks, and 1,000 km of cycling lanes/trails/routes.

In October 2020, City Council adopted the Auditor General’s Winter Road Maintenance Program recommendations focused on improving contract design, management and adherence to service levels (AU6.2). Notable modifications to the new winter services contracts include:

  • leveraging technology where possible;
  • claims and customer service delivery focus;
  • consolidation and reduction of facilities;
  • metrics to hold suppliers accountable to contract requirements; and
  • flexibility to modify the contractual Winter Season agreements where feasible to realize cost savings.

In 2021, City Council authorized the contracts to the selected suppliers in response to the Auditor General’s Report Winter Road Maintenance Program Phase Two: Analysis Deploying Resources (AU9.11).

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Consolidating all related winter maintenance services by activity and infrastructure type to 11 geographical regions and contracts standardizes operations and service levels across the City. Another resulting benefit is eliminating potential conflicts between multiple suppliers providing different winter maintenance services and standards in a similar area. Under this consolidated approach, a single supplier will be accountable for executing all the winter maintenance services within their awarded zone. This will enhance the mobility for all road, cycling and sidewalk users and particularly children, seniors and those with mobility limitations as well as those who provide in home services to these Torontonians.

Key Contact

Vincent Sferrazza
Director, Operations & Maintenance, Transportation Services, 416-392-9095

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