The City of Toronto aims to deliver exceptional, equitable and accessible customer service.

All City of Toronto divisions have service standards that detail the necessary time to deliver services to Toronto’s residents and businesses. These customer service standards are made available to better inform citizens about when they can expect requested services to be delivered.

Email Standards

  • All emails will be acknowledged within 48 hours
  • Vacation or absence messages will be activated providing a co-worker’s name and contact information as backup while out of the office

Online Service Request Standards

311 Toronto receives many requests for services online. See the most often requests made online for City services and the service standard for completing each request.

Toronto Public Service By-Law

The Toronto Public Service (TPS) By-Law provides guidance to members of the public service (City and applicable Agency employees) on:

  • Their rights and responsibilities for ethical matters related to conflict of interest and confidentiality, and political activity
  • Their rights and responsibilities to disclose wrongdoing and the protection they have from reprisal for making such disclosures in good faith

Telephone & Voicemail Standards

  • All telephone calls (from both internal and external customers) will be returned within one business day or 24 hours where services operate on a 24-hour day cycle
  • Personal voicemail greetings will be courteous, give the caller as much information as possible and request callers to leave a detailed message.
  • Voicemail boxes are cleared daily
  • Recorded vacation or absence messages will provide a co-worker’s name and phone number as backup while out of the office
  • Callers will be assisted and if needed, will be directed to the correct area. Callers will not be transferred to another voice mailbox without being made aware. Customers calling the correct area will have their issue resolved by involving as few City staff as possible

Facilities Management provides services across the City. Our mission includes planning for, building, maintaining, and improving City properties in a manner that supports service delivery, safety, and comfort to stakeholders, and municipal pride in appearance.

We aim to meet high service standards for our clients.

We are equipped and empowered to ensure City facilities are healthy and safe environments to do business.

We always operate by respecting, protecting and preserving our resources.

Service Standards:

Building Maintenance & Repairs Services

80 % of All demand work orders completed within 30 days

80 % of Response times to all maintenance requests within the following standards:

¾ to Level 1 (Emergency) requests within 2 Hours

¾  to Level 2 (Urgent Service) requests within 48 Hours

to Level 3 (Necessary Service) requests within 5 Days

Custodial Services

Cleaning public areas in City-owned buildings: Daily cleaning of public areas

Customer Services Support

Availability of public meeting rooms – Less than 7 days downtime per year

The Real Estate Services Division provides real property acquisition, appraisal and disposal services for the City and agencies and negotiates and manages the leases of City properties to third party tenants in City facilities.

Service Standards

  • Property Appraisal – Appraisal/valuation requests: % of Appraisals completed within six weeks after client requests
  • Property Acquisition – Acquire property for internal client needs: % of Acquisition price to appraised value
  • Lease Management – Lease space for internal client needs: % of Agreements agreed to according to client divisions scope
  • Property Disposal – City property disposal: % of Sales price to appraised value.