Solid Waste Management Services is responsible for collecting, transporting, processing, composting and disposing of municipal and some private sector waste. This includes garbage, Blue Bin recyclables, Green Bin organics, yard waste, oversized and metal items, as well as household hazardous waste and electronic waste.

The division’s customers include:

  • Service 900,000 homes & businesses
    • 461,000 single family residential (includes 11,000 residential units above commercial)
    • 409,000 multi-residential units
    • 13,000 small commercial
  • Approximately 9,335 street litter/recycling bins
  • 10,000 parks’ bins
  • 1,000 Special Events per year
  • Schools, City Divisions; Agencies and Corporations
  • Private Industrial, Commercial and Institutional waste accepted at Drop-off Depots and landfill

General Manager

Jim McKay

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