Shelter, Support and Housing Administration has been renamed Toronto Shelter and Support Services (TSSS) to better reflect its role as the shelter service system manager in Toronto. Funding and oversight of social housing has been centralized under the Housing Secretariat Division.

Toronto Shelter and Support Services directly operates and also funds community agencies that deliver:

  • emergency shelter, 24-hour respite and drop-in programs
  • wrap-around support services
  • street outreach

The Division’s top priority is to ensure that those experiencing homelessness have access to temporary accommodation when they need it, as well as wrap-around and housing-focused supports to help ensure homelessness is rare, brief and non-recurring. To do that, the Division works with community partners and stakeholders to deliver person-centered, outcome-focused services to help improve the overall well-being of individuals experiencing homelessness and help connect them with housing.

General Manager

Gordon Tanner

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