Toronto Water is responsible for all aspects of:

  • drinking water treatment and supply
  • wastewater collection and treatment
  • stormwater management

The Division’s seven business sections manage a large number of facilities and assets across the city, including treatment plants, pumping stations, water and sewer mains, laboratories and yards.

General Manager

Lou Di Gironimo

Staff Directory

Business Sections

Management of one of the largest municipal water, wastewater and stormwater utilities in North America, with approximately 1,700 staff, operating in a highly regulated environment.

  • Ensures more than 3.6 million residents and businesses in Toronto, and portions of York and Peel have access to safe drinking water, safely treated wastewater and stormwater management.
  • Manages more than $90 billion in assets, including eight treatment plants, pumping stations, water and sewer mains, laboratories and yards.
  • Ensures these critical services are delivered safely to Toronto residents, businesses and visitors in order to protect public health, safety and property in an environmentally and fiscally responsible manner.

Strategic Planning and Workforce Development:

  • Provides support for the development and implementation of the division’s Strategic Plan and monitors to help achieve Toronto Water’s vision, mission, values, strategies and goals to meet its current and future needs
  • Provides business and workforce solutions through recommendations, resources, tools, and manages and coordinates critical and high-quality training for Toronto Water employees to assist in meeting regulatory requirements and professional development.
    • Prepares the annual capital budget and 10-Year Capital Program for infrastructure repairs, replacement and rehabilitation.
    • Leads contract management and capital delivery for water and sewermain rehabilitation.
    • Conducts purchasing to support operations.
    • Leads fleet maintenance, facility management and security.
    • Oversees and maintains asset management strategy and inventory of assets.
    • Inspects, maintains and repairs existing water distribution and wastewater collection systems, as well as stormwater management facilities (e.g. watermains, hydrants, sewers, catch basins, etc.)
    • Manages installation of new water and sewer service connections.
    • Enforces the Water and Sewers Bylaws
    • Conducts laboratory testing for water quality standards
    • Ensures compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations
    • Oversees emergency planning program and emergency response
    • Provides operations optimization and energy management services and undertakes research initiatives
    • Supports climate change mitigation measures.
    • Manages customer service response, including dispatch and investigation, for water meters and service requests, such as water system leaks, low water pressure, water turn on/turn off, blocked drains, etc.
    • Administers customer service programs, such as the Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program and Priority Lead Water Service Replacement Program
    • Manages integrated technology and process control systems for Toronto Water
    • Collects and treats wastewater (sewage) in Toronto and a portion of Peel Region
    • Manages biosolids (organic material generated by wastewater treatment), including production and disposal.
    • Ensures existing infrastructure has adequate capacity and is in a state of good repair.
    • Plans for future growth and coordinates with other City divisions to ensure water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure is aligned with growth plans and projections.
    • Conducts engineering analysis, infrastructure planning, analytics and policy development related to water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure.
    • Protects water resources through new policies, programs, technology and environmental assessments.
    • Treats, transmits, stores and distributes drinking water to residents and businesses in Toronto and portions of York Region.
    • Ensures compliance with provincial Drinking Water Regulations.