A report responding to outstanding directives from City Council is expected in 2021. The report will take the place of the previously anticipated October 2020 report, related to the proposed change to the maximum age of vehicles. The 2021 report will include feedback collected from the survey completed August 14 to September 2, 2020. A summary of the survey results is available in the accordion below.
In July 2019, City Council adopted amendments to the Vehicle-for-Hire By-law including the creation of an Accessibility Fund Program, additional data requirements, mandatory training for all drivers, and an increase in the years of driving experience for all drivers from one to three years. There are a number of other changes that are improving the licensing and enforcement of the industry. More information about these new changes is available in the accordion tabs below.
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To better understand how COVID-19 has affected the vehicle-for-hire industry, a survey was available from August 14 to September 2, 2020. The survey solicited feedback on how the hours of work and number of trips in the industry have been affected during the pandemic, and whether respondents supported a proposal to extend the maximum age of vehicles by one year. The results of the survey are now available and are expected to be incorporated in a forthcoming staff report in 2021.

  • Drivers of taxicabs, limousines and private transportation company (PTC) vehicles will need to successfully complete a third-party training program approved by the City, as a requirement of licence issuance or renewal.
  • The new training requirement aims to improve driver awareness and enhance public safety.
  • Preliminary topics will include transporting passengers in a safe manner; driving in an urban setting; providing accessible service; anti-racism, diversity and sensitivity; and legal requirements.
  • The successful completion of a City-approved training program will be transferable across all non-accessible driver licence categories.
  • Due to COVID-19, the driver training accreditation application process for the vehicle-for-hire industry that was originally anticipated in March 2020 remains delayed.
  • The current minimum years of required driving experience for all drivers has increased from one year to three years.
  • All drivers will need to successfully complete a City-approved training program as a requirement of licence issuance or renewal.
  • Drivers are required to attach “Watch for Bike” notices to vehicles. Private Transportation Companies (PTC) need to attach these notices and send push notifications reminding passengers to look for cyclists before exiting a vehicle.
  • Drivers need to securely mount all handheld devices to their vehicle.
  • Drivers need to display notices in their vehicles if a camera is being used to record passengers. In addition to these notices, PTCs also have the option to use their app to inform passenger before they complete their request for a ride.
  • All drivers need to carry government-issued identification.
  • An Accessibility Fund Program has been created to support the availability of accessible service and to offset the higher cost of providing wheelchair accessible service.
  • The program is funded by a regulatory charge on members of the industry. Toronto Taxicab Licensees (TTLs) and standard taxicab owners who have an accessible vehicle are exempt from these fees.
  • Vehicle-for-Hire owners and drivers are charged the following regulatory charges when they apply or renew their licences:
    • Taxicab Brokerage: $250.64 (per application or renewal)
    • Taxicab Operator: $125.32 (per application or renewal)
    • Non-accessible Standard Taxicab Owner: $125.32 (per application or renewal)
    • Vehicle-for-Hire Driver: $62.66 (per application or renewal)
    • Limousine Service Company: $250.64 (per application or renewal)
    • Limousine Owner: $125.32 (per application or renewal)
    • Private Transportation Company: $0.10 (per trip)
    • Private Transportation Company Driver: $7.23 (per application or renewal)
  • Funds will be disbursed to wheelchair accessible taxicab owners and drivers based on service standards and eligibility criteria. Drivers will also be required to have valid accessible service training.
  • Drivers and owners under contract with the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Wheel-Trans program are not be eligible.
  • Program funds for accessible services offered in 2019 have been distributed to eligible owners and drivers..
  • Accessible owners and drivers may apply to the program from January 1 – 31, 2021 for service offered in 2020. The funds will be disbursed after March 1, 2021.
  • Private Transportation Company (PTC) vehicles are not be allowed to use the same color scheme that is already in use by a licensed taxicab brokerage.
  • Taxicab vehicles do not need to be low-emission, alternative fuel or hybrid.
  • Additional data on trip records and collision reporting is required from vehicle-for-hire and private transportation companies (PTC).
  • Data will be used for audit and compliance, accessibility, transportation planning and environmental initiatives relevant to the industry.
  • Taxicab brokerages and PTCs need to submit data to the City dating back to January 1, 2020.