The City’s Golden Book of Remembrance pays tribute to those who perished in the Second World War. These books contain the names of service people from Toronto who paid the ultimate sacrifice. The book was officially dedicated by the City on December 28, 1947 and contains the names of servicemen and servicewomen from Toronto who gave their lives between 1939 and 1945. The book is normally housed at the City of Toronto Archives.

Each of the 3,452 names represents a life cut far too short, with a story to tell.  Here are a few from those in Toronto’s Golden Book of Remembrance, from Dieppe and D-Day, and women and minorities who served their country, few in number who made important contributions to victory.

Surname/Last Name Forename/First Name Middle Name/Initial
Abbott Douglas A.
Acker James G.
Adams Arthur M.
Adams Edward W.
Adams Frank W.
Adams George D.
Adams Howard K.
Adams Maxwell G.
Adams Robert M.
Adams Thomas R. C.
Adams William D.
Adamson Alfred
Adgey Robert D.
Agassiz Roland E. G.
Aiken David
Aiken James E.
Aikman Andrew
Ainsworth Ernest
Ainsworth Jack C.
Aitken Alexander C.
Aitken Andrew
Aker Clarence W.
Aldersley Richard G. F.
Alderson Robert C.
Aldred George D.
Aldred Leslie
Alexander Arthur J.
Alexander David G.
Alexander Gordon R.
Alexander Ian S.
Alexander James
Allan Alexander
Allan Francis G.
Allan James
Allan Joseph
Allan Michael R.
Allan Norman H. E.
Allan Robert E.
Allan Robert J.
Allan William C.
Allaway Frederick G.
Allbright Bach B.
Allen Alfred H.
Allen Arthur F.
Allen Donald G.
Allen Donald G.
Allen Frederick S.
Allen Joseph E.
Allen Kenneth W.
Allen Norman A.
Allen Sidney
Allen Victor S.
Allman Leonard R.
Allward LeRoy E.
Ambrey Dennis G.
Amon Alex R.
Anderson Cecil W.
Anderson Clarence C.
Anderson George
Anderson James
Anderson Peter McL.
Anderson Ralph G.
Anderson Richard F.
Anderson Robert W.
Anderson Thomas K.
Anderson William F.
Anderson William S.
Andrews Clifford R.
Andrews Edward J.
Andrews George A.
Andrews R. B.
Andrews Robert J.
Angove George R.
Angus Donald B.
Anthony John
Apted Wm. R.
Arbour William
Arbuckle Irving
Archer Jack C.
Archer Ross J.
Archibald Alexander
Ardagh George A.
Ardagh John C.
Argument Godfrey A.
Arlidge Wallace G.
Arlotte Sidney G.
Armatta Edward A.
Armitage James A.
Armitage John O.
Armstrong Arthur M.
Armstrong Gordon K.
Armstrong Lloyd B.
Armstrong Robert A.
Armstrong Robert W.
Armstrong Thomas M.
Armstrong Thomas R.
Armstrong Wilmer J.
Arnold William H.
Arnot Donald MacK.
Arnott David
Arthur Howard R.
Ashbury Edwin L.
Ashby William H.
Ashford Frederick J.
Ashley Borden B.
Ashton Percy G.
Ashworth John
Askin Cyril DeL.
Attenborough Sydney G.
Attewell Arthur E.
Auburn Delbert
Auchincloss Thomas C.
Audette Edgar J.
Austin Charles W.
Axler Harry L.
Aymong Wilfrid C.
Archer Burgess D.
Adams John C.
Allison John A.
Arthur James L.
Austin Kenneth I.
Allman Franklin Russell
Babcock Frank F.
Bache William D.
Badgerow Murray R.
Bagnato Joseph
Bailey Elmer L.
Bailey Gordon C.
Bailey John F.
Bailey Norman
Bailey Percy
Bailie John J.
Bain John D. N.
Bain Thomas N.
Baker Charles A.
Baker Clifford S.
Baker Graham MacN.
Baker Ralph M.
Baker Robert G.
Balcombe Alfred A.
Balderston Edward A.
Balderston John P. E.
Baldwin Frederick
Baldwin Ivor B.
Balfour Ronald E. M.
Balkwill Stanley H.
Ball Harold A.
Ball Harvey P.
Ball Russell S.
Ballantyne Roswell A.
Ballentine Robert E.
Banks Douglas J.
Bannihr Robert H.
Barber Herbert B.
Barclay Philip W.
Bardgett Francis C. P.
Barfield Henry W.
Barfoot Joseph C.
Barker Reginald D.
Barker Thomas W.
Barkway Percy J. W.
Barnard Donald McK.
Barnes Harold E.
Barnes John M.
Barnes Reginald H.
Barnett Clifford G.
Barnett Walter W.
Barnett William
Barr George H.
Barr Robert J.
Barr Willis E.
Barrett Arthur B.
Barrett Gurney D.
Barrett Harry R.
Barrett Norman
Barrie John D.
Barron Charles
Barron William P.
Barry Edward
Bartlett Frederick E.
Bartlett Jack W.
Barton Barney G.
Barton David R.
Barton John R.
Baskerville Norman G.
Bateman James
Bateman John J.
Bath Cecil F.
Bathgate Albert E.
Battaglia Joseph P.
Bawcutt Edmund A.
Baxter Julius W.
Bayley Roy
Beach Roy B.
Beagley James D.
Bean Harvey G. W.
Beatty James H.
Beck Charles D.
Bedell Reginald H.
Bedlington James H.
Beemer Frederick H.
Beer Walter
Beeton Edward T.
Bell Arthur G.
Bell Bruce E.
Bell Charles H.
Bell David O.
Bell Everett
Bell Frederick A. J.
Bell Frederick J.
Bell Frederick T.
Bell George W.
Bell Herbert E.
Bell Llewellyn C.
Bell Malcolm O. M.
Bell Marion E.
Bell Norman A.
Bell Robert W.
Benham Edward R.
Bennett Clarence C.
Bennett Hubert J.
Bennett Jack N. E.
Benson R. W. J.
Bentley William J.
Bergey James H.
Bergey Oliver L.
Bernstein Mike
Berry John S.
Berry Ronald K.
Besley Gordon W.
Besserman Jack
Best Douglas L.
Best Harold F. S.
Betts Norman C.
Beynon Edmond W.
Bickerton Joseph R.
Billinger Edward J.
Billings Robt. A.
Binder Hector F.
Binns James E.
Birch Gordon T.
Birnie Peter
Bishop Ernest H.
Bishop James D.
Bismutka Peter I.
Bissett William N.
Bittle Walter C.
Bittorf Aaron G.
Black Alan
Black Bruce G.
Black John
Blackwell Henry A. E.
Blain Ronald G.
Blair Robert W.
Bland Raymond P.
Blasko Joseph A.
Blaylock Harry A.
Bleeman Murray I.
Blizard Hugh C.
Blois Arthur K.
Bloomfield George P.
Blunderfield William E.
Blyth Robert
Bockner Harry J.
Boddington Roy C.
Boddy Howard B.
Boddy Raymond J.
Body Thomas E.
Bolduc Leo.
Boles Edward D.
Bolingbroke Leonard
Bolitho James E.
Bolitho Kenneth W.
Bolton Lawrence H.
Bolton Walter V.
Bond Aubrey F.
Bondurant Gordon E.
Bonnell Edgar G.
Booth Arthur E.
Booth Eric L.
Boreham Arthur L.
Botsford Robert L.
Bouchard Henry O.
Bouck George W.
Boughton George C.
Bound Douglas A.
Bourgeois Laurie A.
Bouskill Russell R.
Bovaconti Michael J.
Bowen Lawrence M.
Bower Frederick C.
Bowley Homer N.
Bowman Lawrence B.
Bowman William E.
Boxall Leslie A.
Boyce Charles D.
Boyd Edward M. K.
Boyd George G.
Boyd George R.
Boyd Milton H.
Boyd Victor L.
Boyle Bernard F.
Boyle Edward F.
Boyle John
Boyle Thomas
Boynett Wm. E.
Boynton George W.
Braden William H.
Bradley Allen G.
Bradley Frank
Bradley James R.
Bradley Robert
Bradshaw George G.
Brady Albert E.
Brady Ralph
Branscombe David C.
Braun Howard C.
Bray Charles L.
Bray Gordon P.
Bray John T.
Brearley Edgar
Breckles George S.
Bredin Mark W.
Breen Frank V.
Breen James G.
Brenton Kenneth S.
Brickles Samuel
Briddon Raymond G.
Briden Harold D.
Bridgeman Donald C.
Bridges John R.
Briggs Charles H.
Briggs Donald S.
Brislan John G.
Britton Dorothy F.
Broad Frederick H.
Broadfoot James J.
Brock Robert G.
Brockbank John C.
Broddy James M.
Brodie Robert G. C.
Brooks Walter J.
Brooks William C.
Brown Alexander
Brown David C.
Brown Douglas S.
Brown Edward T.
Brown Frank O.
Brown Fred H.
Brown Frederick J.
Brown George
Brown George A.
Brown Gilbert F.
Brown Gordon
Brown Graham F.
Brown Harold F.
Brown John D.
Brown John W.
Brown Leonard G.
Brown Murray A.
Brown Robert B.
Brown Ross M.
Brown Russell R.
Brown Sydney W.
Brown William A.
Brown William E.
Brown William I.
Bryant Gordon L.
Bryant Robert M.
Bryden Herbert
Brydon James S.
Bryon Frederick H.
Bubis Meyer
Buchanan Eric W.
Buchanan George D. W.
Buchanan George W.
Buchanan Nathaniel
Buckley Bayne
Buckmaster John
Budd Philip C.
Budreau Melvin E.
Buell Chester M.
Bulger John P.
Bulger Lloyd
Bullions John A.
Bullock Gordon A.
Bullock P.
Bulmer John F.
Bunt James E.
Burden Jack K.
Burdis W. V. J.
Burgess George D.
Burgon Percy C. R.
Burke Gordon C.
Burns Harry E. R.
Burns John F.
Burns Robert W.
Burns William
Burrow William O.
Burt Henry A.
Burtis Marvin E.
Burton Thomas G.
Butchart Gordon V.
Butler William M.
Bye George A.
Byrne Donald J.
Byrne John E.
Byrne William T.
Byron James G.
Bradbury John L.
Bringloe James H.
Bompas Clifford B. N.
Buck Frederick S.
Buck Gordon R.
Bussell Arthur A.
Butler Thomas L.
Barber Robert John
Buston Graham F.
Cachia John T.
Cadaret Frank G.
Cahill Clement B.
Cahill William G.
Cain George
Cain William E.
Callan Hugh A.
Callinan John W.
Callway Walter F. J.
Cameron Donald R.
Cameron Irvine
Cameron James
Cameron John A.
Cameron Robert J.
Cameron Roderick H.
Campbell Alan D.
Campbell Alexander B.
Campbell Alexander P.
Campbell Colin A.
Campbell Glen R.
Campbell Gordon E.
Campbell Hector
Campbell James B.
Campbell James F.
Campbell John P.
Campbell John R.
Campbell Keith L.
Campbell Meynell W.
Campbell Robert J.
Campbell Stewart
Campbell Stuart C.
Campbell William R.
Campbell-Rogers Leonard H.
Cantlay William G.
Capel Douglas J.
Capirchio Louis
Carberry John
Carefoote Sheldon F.
Carleton Edmond B.
Carleton Ernest J.
Carlisle Clifford W.
Carmichael Gordon T.
Carmichael John H.
Carney Richard A.
Carpenter Henry J.
Carr Clarence M.
Carr Joseph E.
Carr Raymond A.
Carreau Alfred A.
Carrick James A. C.
Carrier William G.
Carson John M.
Carson Sidney T.
Carson William S.
Carter Albert E.
Carter Arthur R.
Carter George J.
Carter John R.
Carter Joseph W.
Carter Philip G.
Carter Ronald G.
Carty Arthur W.
Cascanette Raymond J.
Casimiri Henry P.
Cass Gordon H. C.
Castle John G.
Caswell Charles T.
Caswell Donald K.
Catcher Thomas I. B.
Cathcart Norman K.
Cattle Thomas R. M.
Causton Arthur E.
Chaddock William J.
Chadwick Stanley
Chalkley William G.
Chalmers Alfred R.
Chamberlin John G.
Chambers Alexander E.
Chambers Donald R.
Chambers James A.
Chambers John J.
Chambers Robert L.
Chambers Walter
Champion Harry M.
Channell Charles A.
Chapman Arthur
Chapman Gordon L.
Chapman John R.
Chapman Robert A.
Chappell William P.
Charde William C.
Charles Willliam J. D.
Charlesworth Gilbert A.
Charlesworth John H.
Charnock Frederick R.
Chase Robert F.
Chateauvert Rene E.
Chater Walter B.
Chatfield Russell E.
Chatteron Edward
Chellew Eric J.
Chenery Samuel W.
Cherniuk George
Cherry Harry
Cherry Richard M.
Chiddenton Arthur D.
Chilvers Harold
Chittenden Jack D.
Chorley Frank
Christian Charles E.
Christie Burton R.
Christie Gordon J.
Christie Herbert G.
Christie Robert F.
Christopherson Norman A.
Chrysler John H.
Chubb Wilburn
Chura Philip
Clancey Herbert J.
Clancy Gregory J.
Clare Ronald G.
Clark Douglas C. W.
Clark George T.
Clark Harold L.
Clark Hollis A. T.
Clark Howard B.
Clark Irwin J.
Clark John W.
Clark Omar E.
Clark William B.
Clarke Ivan
Clarke Russell B.
Clarke William J.
Clarkson Robert G.
Clayton Alfred E.
Cleeland James R. W.
Cleghorn George A.
Clements John G.
Clendinning William H.
Clermont Justin G.
Cleveland Elijiah J.
Cleverdon Robert J. A.
Clewes Ronald R.
Cleworth Stanley F.
Clode Gordon E.
Clough Walter J.
Cloutier Joseph E.
Cloutier William B. B.
Clyde John McG.
Coburn Gordon R.
Cockburn Alexander
Cockburn James
Cockburn Richard J.
Cocklin James C.
Code Alexander J.
Coffey Joseph
Cohen Abraham
Cohen Lionel
Colbourne Clarence W.
Colbourne Paul D.
Coldorf Arthur
Cole Curtis McL.
Cole Edward M.
Cole Leonard R.
Coleman James T.
Coles Edward T.
Coles Kenneth J.
Coles Norman J.
Collier Elwood L.
Collinge Frank D.
Collins Denis M. H.
Collins Harord
Collins John R.
Collins Neil J.
Collins Rae W.
Collins Roy F.
Collyer Kenneth R.
Coltman Walter S.
Comery Frank R.
Conlon Sidney J.
Conn Howard
Connacher Thomas
Connaghan Gordon C.
Connelly John
Conner Alfred N.
Connolly Alexander D.
Connors John W.
Conway Francis J.
Cook Allan F. H.
Cook Etsel J.
Cook Harold
Cook John W.
Cook Robert G.
Cook Russell G.
Cooley John M.
Coomby George
Cooper Cecil G.
Cooper Douglas A.
Cooper Edward J.
Cooper Hugh J.
Cooper James H.
Cooper John D.
Coott William A.
Copeland Glenn H.
Copeland Herbert R.
Copeland James P.
Copeland William
Corbally Joseph C.
Corbett Bruce S.
Corley William A.
Cornell Alfred C.
Cornfield Joseph S.
Correll John D.
Cosgrove Charles A.
Cosgrove James P.
Costello Michael
Coulson Frederick G.
Coulter Alan D.
Coulter Everett M.
Coulter Hubert V.
Counahan Edward J.
Couper Thomas M.
Cousineau Patrick C.
Cousins Norman E.
Cousins Robert
Cowan Nicholas E. J.
Cowan William K.
Cowlishaw Frank
Cox John D.
Cox Kenneth J.
Cox Owen J.
Cox Paul C.
Coyne Edward K.
Coysh William H.
Cozens Paul J.
Crabtree Charles
Crackel Harry
Craig Clifford H.
Craig John R. W.
Craig Leonard J.
Craig Michael J.
Craig Robert G.
Craig William T.
Craigen Peter J.
Craigie James E. D.
Craik James
Cranfield Ernest W.
Craven George P.
Crawford Gavin
Crawford Thomas J. L.
Crawford William A.
Crawley Gordon E.
Crayston Kerry M.
Cressey Harold F.
Cresswell Stanley A.
Crew Alfred T.
Crichton Ernest
Crombie Charles G.
Cromwell Kenneth A.
Cronan Thomas J.
Cronk George E.
Cronk Robert G.
Cooks David A. C.
Cropp Thomas
Crosbie Gordon A.
Crosland Alfred H.
Cross Clifford D.
Cross Edward J. A.
Crossfield Raymond J.
Crossland Harry
Croucher Lionel C.
Crowe Herbert R.
Crowther Henry R.
Crysler Donald N.
Cubitt Earl R. W.
Cubitt Norman N.
Culcheth William E.
Cull Albert J.
Culverson Donald H.
Cumming Duncan H.
Cumming Gordon F.
Cummings Clifford G.
Cummings Douglas M.
Cummings Thomas H.
Cummins John T. D.
Cunningham Albert E.
Cunningham Ernest A.
Cunningham Leonard G.
Cunningham Raymond J.
Curphey Arthur W.
Curr George C.
Currie Charles
Currie James A.
Currie John
Currie Thomas H.
Curtis Audrey E.
Cushman Nicholas
Cuthbert John K.
Coathup George R.
Courtney Clarence V.
Carr Donald G.
Clark James M.
Colangelo Willliam
Collins George
Cote Joseph J. E.
Counsineau Roy
Cunningham James H.
Cassels George Hamilton
Crawford G. Hamilton
Dadd David C.
Dadds John D.
Dafoe Walter W.
Dale Jack R.
Dale William
Dale William E.
Dalgety Lewis
Daly John P.
Dalzell George E.
Damer George P.
Dance John J.
Daniel George B.
Daniel Thomas W.
Daniels George E.
Daniels John A.
Danielson Wesley B.
Darby Alfred P.
Darrell Arthur C.
David Albert E.
David James J.
Davidson Charles G.
Davidson J. L.
Davidson John MacI.
Davidson Norman J.
Davidson Samuel
Davies Gordon P.
Davies Harold C.
Davies Herbert R.
Davies Paul W.
Davies William
Davies William E.
Davis Allan F.
Davis George R. C.
Davis H. W.
Davis John O.
Davis Kenneth G.
Davis Mervin L.
Davis Ronald W. C.
Davis Russell A.
Davis Thomas E.
Davis William C.
Davy Harry D.
Dawes Norman R.
Dawson Alexander
Day Alexander E.
Day Joseph C.
Day Louis O.
Dean Michael J.
Dean Ross W.
Dean Stanley W.
Deane Francis S.
Deans John H.
Dearlove Lewis N.
Death Arthur H.
DeBy Gordon L.
Decker Samuel G.
Dedeck Gerald
Deering George A.
Degeer Harold E.
deHaviland Victor G.
Dehmel Max G.
Dehoux Joseph F. G. R.
Delaney Edmund J.
Dennis Grover W.
Dent Walter C.
Dephew Victor
Deremo Franklin A.
Derry William A.
Desroches Ernest R.
Devitt Alexander
Devor David
Dew Malcolm J.
Dewar Douglas R.
Dewar William C.
Dexter Stanley R.
Diasio Thomas P.
Dickie Alexander G.
Dickie David M.
Dickson John A.
Dickson John W.
Dickson Walter E.
Dilbey Thomas E.
Dillon James W. N.
Dinwiddle George C. E.
DiPinto John H.
Dittmer Donald F.
Divitcoff Alexander
Dixon Arthur A.
Dixon Elton L.
Dixon Frederick A.
Dixon Hilliard C.
Dobson Stanley R.
Docherty John T.
Dodd Frank B.
Dodd James H. G.
Dodds Douglas
Dodds Gilbert D.
Dodds Peter
Dodds Russell C.
Dodge Fletcher E.
Doherty Conrad
Doherty James Downs
Doherty James Duncan
Doherty James P.
Doherty Lawrence A.
Doherty Samuel A.
Doherty William James
Doherty William Joseph
Doig Thornton E.
Dollery Trevor P.
Dolphin Douglas J.
Donaghy Robert B.
Donaldson Gordon E.
Donaldson Harvey
Donnelly Edward J.
Donnelly Thomas H.
Donnet Daniel H.
Donovan William H.
Doran Thomas E.
Dorsey Robert E.
Dougherty Jerome G.
Douglas John D. MacC.
Douglass William E.
Dove George W.
Dowdell Stanley G.
Dowding Herbert R.
Dowe Edward A.
Downes Robert
Downing Albert E.
Downward Alan Q.
Doyle Gordon J.
Doyle Walter E.
Drake Donald F.
Drake Richard E.
Draper Charles L.
Draper Walter R.
Drennan Alfred T.
Drew Clifford R.
Drew John G.
Drew William E.
Driscoll Robert J. W.
Drohan William C.
Drury Charles R.
Ducker William S.
Duff Frederick F.
Duffey Bennett L.
Duffie Robert D.
Duffy William T.
Dufty Ernest
Duguid James S.
Duke Stanley F.
Duncan George R.
Duncan Gordon R.
Duncan John L.
Duncan John W.
Duncan Lloyd
Duncan William
Dunlea Allen R.
Dunn Albert R.
Dunn Gordon H.
Dunn Leonard A.
Dunning Kenneth V.
Durand Edward J.
Durbin Louis
Durham George H.
Durnan Grant
Dusomme William J.
duTrizac William H.
Dwyer Joseph C.
Dyment Leslie R.
Dymond Charles V.
Doherty Robert F.
Davies William C.
Dempster William J.
Dempster Charles J.
Dickson Richard
Dowds Herbert J.
Dugal Edward L.
Doherty Robert
Dean Cyril A.
Eades Warren E.
Earley Bruce D.
Earnshaw Kenneth J.
Easton Peter A.
Eaton Erskine R.
Eaton Robert G.
Eberle Raymond F.
Eby Earl K.
Ecclestone Edwin C.
Ecclestone Walter S.
Edgerton Frank R.
Edgerton George H.
Edwards Archibald J.
Edwards Charles S. R.
Edwards Emery K.
Edwards George S.
Edwards Gilbert H.
Edwards Mason A.
Edwards Robert L.
Edwards Victor J.
Edwards William
Egerton Louis M.
Elchesyn Raymond
Elder William J.
Ellard Robert H.
Ellies James
Elliott Gordon W.
Elliott John C.
Elliott John S.
Elliott John W.
Elliott Russell J.
Ellis Arthur W.
Ellis Harold
Ellis Harry S.
Ellis Lorne R.
Ellis Robert J.
Ellwood James B.
Ellwood John E.
Elson William G.
Emerson Harry R.
Emsig Mervyn
England Ernest J.
Englefield Thomas W.
Ennis Roy M.
Enright Donald F.
Etheridge John J.
Evans David C.
Evans Douglas A.
Evans Douglas J.
Evans Lloyd G.
Ewart Ross S.
Ezeard Howard R.
Edwards Robert A.
Elliott Douglas M.
Ellis Ronald G.
Exton Arthur J.
Fairhead James D.
Fallowdown Kenneth R.
Falls Arnold I.
Fanner John H.
Farmer Edwin H.
Farr Lloyd J.
Farrell William R.
Farries Richard N.
Farrow Kenneth D.
Faulkner John B.
Fearn James
Feinstein Nathan
Feinstein Sam
Feldman Jacob
Fellows John
Felton Charles E.
Fenemore Albert E.
Fenner Leon
Fenton David
Fereday Eric J.
Fereday Terence
Ferguson John
Ferguson Robert J.
Ferguson William J.
Ferns Ralph T.
Ferrier Raymond A.
Ferron Kenneth M.
Fetherston Thomas B.
Fetherston William Henry
Fetherston William Hugh
Fick Stanley
Fick William D.
Field John
Fielding Leonard G.
Fife Benjamin G.
Finbow Maurice H.
Fincham Leslie B.
Findlay Jack C.
Findlay Robert M.
Fingland Wilfred J.
Finlayson Herbert E.
Finley James L.
Finn Eric M.
Finn George G.
Fisher David
Fisher Elmer
Fisher Ernest E.
Fisher Jack C.
Fitch Hedley W. S.
Fitzpatrick Murrary J.
Flack Donald M.
Flaherty James G.
Flatt Alfred L.
Fleet Donald S.
Fleming John B.
Fleming Peter M.
Fleming Robert
Fleming Robert S.
Fletcher Dickenson
Flett Peter F.
Flood John J.
Flower Edward J.
Floyd Charles R.
Flynn Edward
Foley William
Folliott Eric W.
Follows William A.
Foote Alan D.
Forbes Gordon E. B.
Forbes John
Forbes John
Ford Victor W.
Foreman Gordon J.
Forsbrey Albert F.
Forshaw John
Fortier William L.
Foster Alfred L.
Foster Donald M.
Foster Edward A. N.
Foster John A.
Foster Ralph B.
Fowke Alba F.
Fowler Eric
Fowler George
Fowler Leonard
Fox Henry H.
Fox Kenneth W.
Foy Blake G.
Foy Melville A.
France Melvin G.
Francey Alexander
Francis Douglas W.
Francis Gordon J.
Francis John C.
Frankish John C. R.
Frankton Maurice V.
Fraser James
Fraser James B.
Fraser John A.
Fraser Joseph H.
Free Edward R.
Freedman Jules
Freeman Allan M.
Freeman Harvey C.
Frezell Edward G.
Frigerio Francis C.
Frizelle John W.
Frizzell Harvey A.
Frost Albert G.
Frost Harold W.
Frost Ralph H.
Froude Harold G.
Fryday George A.
Fuller Lionel G.
Fullerton Mellville L.
Furto Andrew
Fyall James S.
Fyfe Allan B.
Fitzpatrick Charles P.
Gaba William
Gage Leney H.
Gain Andrew MacF. H.
Galbraith A. M.
Gallagher Frank J.
Gallimore Edward J.
Gamble Robert H.
Gammon Albert J.
Ganton Beverley L. A.
Garbutt William H.
Gardiner John
Gardiner William H.
Gardner John C.
Gardner Norman W.
Gardner Robert W.
Garland William S.
Garlin John A.
Garrett Dudley M.
Garrett Edward K.
Garrioch Elmer G.
Garrow George H.
Garvin Raymond P.
Gatacre Francis C.
Gaudin Stanley D.
Gauley John F.
Gaunt Gordon T.
Gaunt James E.
Gayner Jordon W.
Gazley Earl M.
Geddes Archibald G.
Gee Herbert L.
Gee Melvin E.
Geggie George J.
Geikie Jack T.
Geldard Douglas
Gelinas Joseph E.
Gemmell David
Gendron Melville J.
George Ernest L.
Gergley Steven J.
Gerow Wilbur J.
Gibb Alfred
Gibbons James D.
Gibbons Richard G.
Gibbs Jack E.
Gibson Albert J.
Gibson George A.
Gibson Herbert T.
Gibson John C.
Giffen William H.
Gilbert Jesse
Giles David E.
Gillam Edward N.
Gillanders Robert E.
Gillard George C.
Gillespie Edward B.
Gillespie John
Gillies James K.
Gillies John A.
Gilliland Robert
Gilmore Edward G.
Gilmore Francis O.
Gilmour James H.
Gilpin Lawrence E.
Gilverson Albert E.
Gimple Isadore E.
Gipson Aaron H.
Gipson William I.
Girardot Edmond D.
Gladwell Willis J.
Glass Harry
Glaze Alfred C.
Gleason Michael A.
Glover Gordon F.
Glover William A.
Glynn Lawrence F.
Glynn Norman L.
Glynn Percy F. L.
Godard Melvin
Godwin Harry E.
Goff Robert
Gold Arthur
Goldsmith David
Gooch Lawrence C.
Goode Ralph K.
Goodfellow James K.
Goodrick Wilber D.
Gordon Charles A.
Gordon David E.
Gordon David W.
Gordon Donald J.
Gordon Herbert
Gordon Morley
Gorelick J. M.
Gorman Thomas
Gosse Lloyd
Gougeon Desmond G.
Gough William H.
Gould Kenneth H.
Gould William N.
Goulden George A.
Gourlay D. F.
Gourlay James
Gove Keith I.
Gowen Gerard C.
Graham Clarence D.
Graham Jack E.
Graham Milford H.
Graham Roy N.
Graham William J.
Grainger James G.
Grant Alexander
Grant David D.
Grant Hugh A.
Grant John E.
Grant John R.
Grant Ronald E.
Gray Charles R.
Gray Edwin R.
Gray John F.
Gray Oliver C.
Gray Robert
Gray Robert J.
Gray William A.
Grear Henry W.
Greck Alfred H.
Green Arthur G.
Green Edward C.
Green Frank S.
Green William N. L.
Greenshields John
Gregg George
Greig Stanley
Griffin John R.
Griffin Philip G.
Griffin William J.
Griffin William L.
Griffin William MacK. R.
Grills Victor F.
Gritton John W.
Grose Lloyd S. H.
Grosser Marlow E.
Grosser Roy W.
Grove S. G. Norman
Guest James F.
Guest John A.
Gullison Frederick E.
Gummow Charles R.
Gunn Harold W.
Gunn William
Gunter Berton C.
Gunyon Joseph H.
Gustar Walter J.
Guthrie George S.
Gloeckler John E.
Gunn Douglas
Green Harold E.
Galbraith James R.
Gregg Alfred I.
Griffin David F.
Gunn Douglas A.
Gordon Hugh Lockhart
Greenstein Meyer
Hackett Thomas M.
Hackney Charles
Haddock William T.
Hadley George A.
Haggerty Charles
Haig Gordon C.
Haight John W.
Haley Alan W.
Haliburton Gilbert P.
Hall Bertram E. W.
Hall Donald F. F.
Hall Francis W.
Hall Ivan
Hall James F. M.
Hall Reginald J.W.
Hall Robert
Hall Robert C.
Hallam Edward E.
Halliday Frederick E.
Halls Philip A.
Halperin William L.
Hambley Reginald F.
Hamilton Harold
Hamilton Ian McK.
Hamilton Lloyd G.
Hamilton William C.
Hammill Arthur D.
Hammond Jack
Hammond William E.
Hampton William E.
Handforth Stanley W.
Handley Albert H.
Handrahan James G.
Handy William B.
Hanley James E.
Hannah John H.
Hanson Howard J.
Hardacre Thomas R.
Hardy George A.
Hardy Harry S.
Hardy Ross T. A. J.
Hare Henry
Hare Roy W.
Hare Thomas W.
Harker Douglas
Harman Robert L.
Harris Frederick B.
Harris Herbert A.
Harris Philip R.
Harris Reginald W.
Harris William A.
Harris William L.
Harrison Clark G.
Harrison Gordon F.
Harrison Thomas M. E.
Harron William R.
Hart Elton B.
Hart Melville M.
Hartshorne Thomas F.
Harvey Joseph E.
Harvey Stewart
Harvey William F.
Hasleden Henry F.
Hasson John P.
Hastie Elmer
Hastie John R.
Hastings Alfred R.
Haw Robert R.
Hawkins Donald A.
Hawkins Edwin D.
Hawkins Henry
Hawkins James R.
Hawkins Kenneth J. D.
Hawkins Stanley A.
Hawn Harold A.
Hayden Henry J.
Hayes Norman D.
Hayes Philip L.
Hazelton William J.
Hazzard David K.
Heal Kenneth E.
Healey Patrick F.
Hearn John H.
Hearty Vincent A.
Heath James
Heather Harry G.
Heather Robert W.
Heather Roderick J.
Heerebout Ruben E.
Heggie Robert
Heighington Edward N.
Heinecke Paul
Hele Carroll T.
Helm Edward J.
Hemming Gilbert K.
Henderson Bruce G.
Henderson Charles P.
Henderson Douglas A.
Henderson George
Henderson James I.
Henderson James W.
Henderson John R.
Henderson Marvin G.
Hendren Kenneth
Hendry Andrew R.
Hendry George L.
Hennessey Hugh R. J.
Hennings Henry B.
Henry Clair B.
Henry Robert
Henry William F.
Henson William E.
Herd George K.
Herd William R. M.
Herman Theodore
Heron Kenneth
Herrold Herbert J.
Herron Andrew H.
Hertzberg Charles S. L.
Hicks Earl W.
Higgins Charles E.
Hildreth A. E.
Hill Ernest J.
Hill Hugh E.
Hillard Albert
Hillier Edwin H.
Himphen Richard C.
Hinchcliffe William E.
Hiscox Walter C.
Hisson Roy W. J.
Hoad Jack W.
Hobbs Maxwell D.
Hobbs Thomas F. J.
Hoben Gordon F. J.
Hoblitzell Hugh F.
Hodge John W.
Hodges Albert E.
Hodges Campbell McR.
Hodges William G.
Hodichak John C.
Hoffman Murrary
Hoffman Theodore R.
Hogarth James S.
Hogben Donald L.
Hogg Douglas A.
Holland Albert V.
Hollingsworth Gordon P.
Hollingsworth William W.
Holloway Humphrey
Holmes Douglas M.
Holmes Franklyn C.
Holmes Howard R.
Holmes John S.
Holness Frederick W. G.
Holohan James A.
Honeycombe George C.
Hood Albert E.
Hood John S.
Hood Ronald W.
Hook Alan T.
Hooper John K.
Hooper William
Hope Clifford L.
Hopkins William
Horahan Lawrence M.
Hord George A.
Hornfelt Emil
Hough James L. DeF.
Houghton David H.
Houle Bernard A.
Houser Stewart K.
Houston George M.
Howald Carl H.
Howard Kenneth LeV.
Howarth Edward P.
Howarth Sydney
Howden James C.
Howe Percival E. J.
Howl Alfred W.
Howson Ralph K.
Howson Roderick B.
Howson William H.
Hoxford Fred C.
Hoy Edward J.
Hucker John A. N.
Huddart George J.
Huff W. Donald
Hughan John
Hughes Gordon F.
Hughes Harold B.
Hughes Verdun E.
Hughes Wallace E.
Huke William R. A.
Humenyk John
Humphries George V.
Humphries Robert J.
Hunchuk Harold
Hunter Arthur W.
Hunter Norman C.
Hurcom James T.
Hurd William T.
Hurley Michael P.
Hurst Norman A.
Husselbee John W.
Hutchinson John A.
Hutchinson John W.
Hyland James E.
Hyt Nicholas E.
Hardy David R.
Henderson Robert E.
Hertzberg Olaf M.
Hunter Calvert H.
Hadlow William Henry
Hall Joseph
Hamilton Robert J. O.
Hanna Jack W.
Ibbitson George W.
Imrie John A. K.
Ingle Grenville
Inman John W.
Innes Donald G.
Ionson William C.
Ireland James J.
Irish John
Ironside Arthur F.
Irvine Douglas R.
Irwin John R.
Irwin William J.
Jackes James C.
Jackson Clifford I.
Jackson Elvin J.
Jackson George T.
Jackson Gordon
Jackson Gordon A.
Jackson John D.
Jackson Kenneth B.
Jackson Leslie
Jackson Ralph H. B.
Jackson Ross
Jackson William B.
Jacob John M.
Jacobs William H.
Jacobs William S. M.
James Arthur C.
Jamieson James
Jamieson Rowland C.
Jamieson Stuart W.
Janney William H.
Japp Sidney
Jardine Irvine W.
Jardine Robert B.
Jarrold Gordon
Jarvis Alan B.
Jay John F.
Jeanneret Kenneth G.
Jefferys Charles R.
Jemmett Joseph
Jenkins Norman B.
Jenkins Thomas L.
Jenkinson Christopher
Jenkinson David M.
Jenks Keith W.
Jennings Ivor D.
Jennings Leslie W. M.
Jesshope Kenneth (Bud) Wm.
Jinssen Herman W.
Jobes Frank
Jodrell Norman F.
Johann Macklin
Johnson Charles A.
Johnson Harold W.
Johnson Herbert R.
Johnson Wilfred S.
Johnson WillIam K.
Johnston Alec C.
Johnston Booth J.
Johnston Crawford L.
Johnston David P.
Johnston Duncan D.
Johnston George
Johnston George McD.
Johnston Jack D.
Johnston Jack H.
Johnston Samuel
Johnston Wellington M.
Johnston William L.
Johnston William R.
Johnstone Andrew T.
Johnstone Thomas
Joice James E.
Joiner Raymond C.
Jolliffe Roy
Jones Albert H.
Jones Albert L.
Jones Cameron L.
Jones Charles H.
Jones Douglas J.
Jones George A.
Jones Jack MacD.
Jones John H.
Jones John W.
Jones Leslie L.
Jones Lloyd I.
Jones Lloyd W. W.
Jones Maldwyn P.
Jones Nelson
Jones Orill E.
Jones William H.
Jones William R.
Jordon Thomas F.
Jordon William H.
Juby Allan F.
Judges Gordon R.
Jupp James J.
Jensen Neils M.
Jowett John B.
Kahn Melvin S.
Kavanagh John G.
Kay Gordon H.
Kay Robert J.
Kay Solomon
Kearney John H.
Keedwell Roy B.
Keenleyside Paul F.
Keesler Carl T.
Kelley Robert F.
Kellow Norman J.
Kelly Francis J.
Kelly Jack A.
Kelly James C.
Kelly James H.
Kelly John McD.
Kelner Norman
Kelsey John L. McM.
Kelso Roger G.
Kember Robert R.
Kemp Harold
Kemp Harold L.
Kemp Wilmot B.
Kemper Frederick A. J.
Kempling Russell J.
Kendall Clyde C.
Kendall Norman
Kenmure John R.
Kennedy Albert W.
Kennedy Eldred A.
Kennedy Gordon
Kennedy Lancelot S.
Kennerley John
Kent Hugh B.
Kent Ronald S.
Kent Stanley M.
Keogh William A.
Keown Basil E.
Kerkhoff Bruce A.
Kerr Hubert L.
Kerr James
Kerwin John W.
Keys Frederick B.
Kidd Howard P.
Kidd Terence W.
Kilgannon John H.
Kilsby Charles A.
Kincaid Robert S.
Kinch James H.
King Bliss D.
King J. A. S.
King John C.
King John G.
King John L. N.
King WillIam L. M.
Kinkade Harold
Kipling William
Kippen Angus L.
Kirby Frank F.
Kirk William B.
Kirkland John F.
Kirkpartrick Douglas A. W.
Kirton Lloyd
Kirton Steven J.
Klacza John
Klemmer Edward F.
Klinck Arthur A.
Kmiec John H.
Knaggs Francis J.
Knapton William C.
Kneller Thomas E.
Knibbs Edward F.
Knight Alan J.
Knight James F.
Knight Ronald C.
Knott Albert J.
Knott Roy E.
Knowles David McG.
Knowles Laurence S.
Knowlson William C.
Knox Walter B.
Koehl Leonard W.
Koster John B.
Krakauer Charles
Kramer Julius
Krofchik Gordon
Kucheryk Peter
Kwinter Samuel N.
Kennedy William W.
Kato William G.
King Kerrigan M.
Kinton Clare
Kipping Albert E.
Klatman Joseph
Knowles Robert E.
Kennedy William W.
Kirby Arthur R.
Lacey Patrick E.
LaFleur Donald G.
Laidlaw Jeffery C.
Lailey Peter C.
Laing Norman L.
Laird George J.
Lake Kenneth N.
Lamb Leeming C.
Lambert George H.
Lammerse Joseph J.
Lamont Hector J.
Lampert Max J.
Landringan Frederick
Lane John A.
Langdon Earl G.
Langevin Gordon F.
Langfeld Leslie B.
Langley Lloyd G.
Lankin William W.
Lannan Raymond F.
Lapp Joseph W.
Lappin William J.
Larkin George
Larkman Frank E.
Larmouth William O. D.
LaRose Albert J.
Larsen Aage
Lasby Lawrence E.
Latimer Fraser H.
Latimer George
Latremouille Joe R.
Laurie Douglas I. A.
Lavery Charles A.
Lawrence Edward C.
Lawrence Frank
Lawrie David W.
Lawrie James A.
Lawrysyn William
Lawson Cyril W.
Lawson Harry R.
Lawson James
Lawson Robert
Lawson Victor M.
Lay Ronald W.
Lazaroff Stephen
Lea Stephen A.
Leach John E.
Leacock William M.
Leadbetter Ray W.
Leaden Albert G.
Leader Robert A.
Leake Albert E.
Lean Richard H.
Leather Ronald
Leavitt Allan W.
LeBar Douglas L.
Lee Albert E.
Lee Herbert A. F.
Lee Herbert J.
Lee Jack G.
Lee James A.
Lee Percival D.
Leech John P.
Lees Alexander M.
Lefebvre Clifford
Lefevre Allan W.
Lefkus Michael
Lefroy Henry K.
Legg George A.
Legge Albert J.
Legge Gordon G.
Lehman Leonard W.
Leitch John B.
Leith John N.
Leith Roy E.
LeLiever Donald E.
Lemon John H.
Lenice Walter S.
Lennox John W.
Leonard Arthur M.
Leone Nuncio
LeRoy Charles E.
Leslie Alexander W.
Leslie William A.
LeVoir William
Levy Daniel
Levy Harold
Lewers Albert
Lewis Edward J.
Lewis Frank E.
Lewis Garfield
Lewis Gerald E.
Lewis Gordon J.
Lewis Herbert D.
Lienhart Norman V.
Liggett Gerald C.
Lim Peter J.
Lindensmith Gordon L.
Lindsay George F.
Lindsay John D.
Lindsay Magnus J.
Lindzon Irving
Liney Gerald J.
Linklater Gordon L.
Linstead Kenneth G.
Lister William G.
Lizon John
Lizotte Rene L. J.
Lloyd George W.
Lloyd Harry O.
Lloyd Raymond T.
Lochnan Peter W.
Lockett James E.
Lockhart Robert A.
Logan Andrew J.
Logan Lloyd H.
Logan Thomas
Loggie James R.
Logie Richard B.
Lomas Clifford H.
Long Geo. A.
Long Gordon
Long James A.
Long Norman E.
Long Richard H.
Long Robert F.
Long Vaughan R.
Lord Clifford A.
Lord Frederick C.
Loree James W.
Lount Robert M.
Love Thomas J.
Low Christopher
Lowden Norman W.
Lowe Gordon A.
Lowes Edward N.
Lowther Ronald B.
Lowther Thomas D.
Lozdon Morris
Lucas Douglas J.
Lucas Henry B.
Luciw Harry
Luck Harvey S.
Ludlow John M.
Luey William T.
Luke Frederick H.
Lunan Athol L.
Lundy Ernest E.
Lusty Frank O.
Lusty John S.
Luxton Eric L.
Luxton John D.
Lyness William
Lyon Robert P.
Lyons Frederick E. E.
Lyons Maxwell
Lawrence Jack
Lewis Bert S.
Lougheed Paul R.
Love John V.
Logie Alexander C.
Lowe Frederick L.
Lyons F.
McAleese Thomas
McAleese Wm. E.
McAlinden E. J.
McAlinden Michael J.
McAllister Vincent P.
McCaneney Thomas B.
McArthur James
McArthur Kenneth A. B.
McAuley Donald F.
McAvoy Archibald D. McC.
McBain Andrew H. A.
McBean William C.
McBeth John
McBride Clarence W.
McCabe Edward J.
McCallum Russell G.
McCann Alexander
McCann Anthony J.
McCappin James H.
McCardle Frederick G.
McCarron Francis J.
McCarthy William A.
McCarthy William T. W.
McCatty Winston A.
McCauley Gordon T.
McCausland William M.
McClean Frederick A.
McClean George F.
McClean Robert W.
McCluskey Watson H
McCollum Jack R.
McCollum William J.
McColman James M.
McCombs Wilbert C.
McConnach Nathaniel
McConnell Clifford L.
McConnell Norman E. H.
McConvey Carl J.
McCormack John
McCormick Harvey
McCormick Robert J.
McCracken Gordon M.
McCracken Raymond C.
McCrae Roy K.
McCrae Harry J.
McCreery Harry K.
McCrimmon Arthur J.
McCrimmon Ian J.
McCurdy Alexander C.
McCurry Alexander
McCutcheon Ralph G.
McDonald Eric K.
McDonald James
McDonald John D.
McDonald John M.
McDonnell Arthur S. G.
McDougall Donald C. T.
McDowell Henry
McDowell William L.
McEvoy James B.
McFadden James A.
McFadyen Donald A.
McFarland George
McFarland John R. G.
McFarlane Clifford W.
McGarry Frank W.
McGee James
McGillicuddy Paul C.
McGillivray Craig E.
McGinty John J.
McGladrey George G.
McGlashan Norman J.
McGovern John B.
McGovern Joseph A.
McGowan John F.
McGraw Anthony E.
McGregor Robert E.
McGrogan John E.
McGuey Edelore G. D.
McGuigan John D.
McGuigan Kenneth G.
McGuire Edward V.
McGuire Thomas
McHale Thomas P.
McHugh James G.
McIlrath James
McIlveen Archibald E.
McInnes Jack E.
McIntosh John A.
McIntosh John W.
McIntosh Ross A.
McIntosh William A.
McIntyre David
McIntyre John J.
McIntyre Paul A.
McIver Jack S.
McIver Malcolm
McIvor Thomas
McKay Duncan G.
McKay George L.
McKechnie H. A.
McKee Hugh P.
McKendry John A.
McKenna Robert P.
McKenzie James P.
McKenzie James W.
McKeown John E.
McKerry David A. G.
McKie Donald G. W.
McKillop John
McKinley Albert G.
McKown Raymond
McLaren Fred
McLaren Robert D.
McLaughlin Kenneth A.
McLaughlin Murray P.
McLean George A.
McLean Norman V.
McLean Paul R.
McLean William E.
McLellan Norman M.
McLennan Donald
McLeod Donald K.
McLeod Gordon R.
McLeod Harold D.
McMain George E.
McManus Kenneth A.
McMaster Donald A.
McMaster James G.
McMaster Malcolm S.
McMeekan Wm. J.
McMenomy Sydney
McMillan George
McMillen Albert H.
McMullen Albert K.
McMullen William H.
McNabb Robert H.
McNaughton Andrew A.
McNeil Hector C.
McNeil Theodore
McNeill Andrew
McNeill William C.
McNeily James R.
McNerney Daniel M.
McQuade William J.
McQuarrie Hector R.
McQuitty Thomas
McRae Daniel S.
McRae Donald W.
McRobb John R.
McTavish Gordon H.
McVeigh Francis P.
McWhaw Joseph J.
McWilliam James B.
McCann William R.
McCarthy John J.
McManus Samuel
McMullen Charles A.
McMurchy William A.
McIlrath Stanley J.
Mabee George F.
Macara Ronald
Macartney William L.
MacBrien Michael D.
MacColl Donald D.
MacDonald Arthur C.
Macdonald Harold E. A.
Macdonald Herbert R.
MacDonald Roy W.
MacDonald Wilfred S.
MacDougall Dalton R. A.
MacGregor Peter G. H.
Macina John J.
MacIntyre David
MacIver Donald
MacIver Jack
Mackay James
MacKay William L.
MacKenzie Hugh M.
MacKenzie John G.
MacKenzie Kenneth A.
Mackie Angus
MacKinnon Angus M.
MacKinnon Duncan J.
Macklem James D.
Macksimchuk John T.
Maclachlan E. M.
MacLaren Richard E.
MacLean Gordon B.
MacLean John O.
MacLean John S.
MacLennan Norman D.
MacLeod Douglas H.
MacLeod Kenneth
MacMaster Alexander P.
MacMillian Ernest M.
MacMillian William J.
Macneill Donald J.
Macneill Duncan
Macphee John G.
Macpherson William R.
MacQuarrie Hector L.
Madden William G.
Maddick Alfred J.
Magder Hiam M.
Magee William H.
Magill John. G. H.
Magner Paul L.
Maguire Edmond H. D.
Maguire John B.
Mahoney John D.
Mairs Donald E.
Major Robert J.
Major Thomas E.
Malcolm Norman C.
Males Charles H.
Manchip Francis W.
Mann Charles G.
Mann Stanley D.
Mansell George A.
Manser Raymond E.
Mansfield Richard
Manton Robert G.
Manzell William
Mara Neil D.
Mara Stanley
Marchington George F.
Marchment Clifford W. H.
Marlatt Muir J.
Marler Norman G.
Marley Charles E.
Marmer Jack
Marr Gordon D.
Marsh Francis P.
Marsh Oliver L.
Marsh Reginald T. W.
Marsh William J.
Marshall John
Marshall William J.
Martin Alexander S.
Martin Clarence G.
Martin Ernest M.
Martin Frank B.
Martin George M.
Martin James T. B.
Martin Peter J.
Martin Russell H.
Martin Thomas E.
Martin Thomas R.
Martin T. V.
Martin William McK.
Marugg Stephen J.
Marvyn John E.
Mason George
Mason George H.
Mason Gerald H.
Mason Gordon W.
Mason Harry R.
Mason Roy W.
Massicotte Alfred
Masson Eugene S.
Mathers Duncan T.
Mathers Arthur G.
Mathies Ivan B.
Mattison Frederick T.
Mattless William R.
Matts Charles W.
Maughan Howard L.
Maw Clifford C.
Mawatari Winston C.
Maxwell William
May Bruce H.
May Douglas G.
May Frederick W.
May William G.
Mayne Thomas H.
Mazur Apollon P.
Medhurst Reginald C. P.
Megit Reginald K.
Melling Gordon
Meltz George
Melville David S.
Mendelschn Harry
Mensour Sodie A. J.
Menzies Allan
Menzies George D.
Mercer Walter H.
Merrill George A.
Merson Donald W.
Meyrick William C.
Middleton Frederick
Middleton Robert J.
Miell Harold E.
Mighton Austin W.
Milburn John R.
Miles Sydney H.
Millar William W. W.
Miller Austin J.
Miller Bruce A.
Miller Ernest
Miller Harry L.
Miller J. N.
Miller John A.
Miller Kenneth A.
Miller Kenneth N.
Miller Kenneth R.
Miller Owen
Miller Robert
Miller William J.
Miller William S.
Millichamp Harold R.
Milligan Hubert O.
Mills Clement R.
Mills Henry H.
Mills James D.
Mills John M.
Mills Michael S.
Milne Frank A.
Milne James A.
Milne John J.
Minchinton Edwin C.
Mitchell Albert A.
Mitchell Arthur H.
Mitchell Ernest V.
Mitchell George R.
Mitchell Jack E.
Mitchell Jack M.
Mitchell John W.
Mitchell Joseph
Mitchell Kenneth McL.
Mitchell T. M. L.
Mitchell Thomas R.
Mitchell William J. A.
Mitich Gordon
Moffat Donald J. A.
Moffat John W.
Moffat George C.
Moffat William G.
Mokedanz Arthur A.
Molesworth George C.
Molesworth Harry O.
Molesworth James
Mollet Leslie C.
Moloney James G.
Monachan John M.
Monk Eric J.
Monro George G.
Monteith John A.
Monteith John H.
Montgomery Arthur W.
Montgomery John A.
Montgomery Ralph E.
Monypenny Eric B.
Moorby Fred B.
Moore Frank E.
Moore John S.
Moore Maynard H.
Moore Stanley F.
Moore William J.
Moran Patrick J.
More Eric G.
More James D.
Moreau Bruce E.
Morelly Max L.
Morgan Alexander McD.
Morley Charles R.
Morley William J.
Morlock John F.
Morrish William G.
Morrison Bruce R.
Morrison David A.
Morrison George W.
Morrison Harry
Morrison Herbert
Morrison Hugh A.
Morrison James H.
Morrison Oscar L.
Morrison Thomas
Morrison Vincent J.
Morritt Gordon A.
Mortley Jack C.
Morton Arthur
Morton Frank E.
Morton John D.
Mosey John W.
Moss Charles E.
Moss Donald
Moulton Gordon C.
Mount Philip J.
Mountford Norman F.
Mowry Donald F.
Mucklestone Harold W.
Mugan James E. A.
Muir Norman C.
Mulholland Rodger D.
Mumford Charles R.
Munro John
Munro Roy
Muntion George
Murchie John H.
Murdoch Bruce W.
Murdoch John L.
Murphy Arthur V.
Murphy John F.
Murphy Leo
Murphy Lloyd J. C.
Murphy Morgan J.
Murphy William A.
Murray Frederick J.
Murray James E.
Murray John
Murray Morris C.
Murray Robert W.
Murrison Angus
Mutch Robert D.
Myers Hilyard L.
Myles Earl C.
MacFarlane John D.
MacFarlane Owen B.
McNay Irvin
Mabie Donald P.
Mansfield William
Marshall Bruce V.
Martin Herbert J.
Milne Robert S.
Mix Reginald D.
Mortka Stanley
MacMillian Russell H.
Macneill Ralph G.
Marshall Gordon B.
Meddick William R.
MacKay R. A.
Nardilli Leo J.
Nash Albert E.
Naughton Robert A.
Naylor Ralph E.
Neale Arthur E.
Neil George A.
Negin J.
Nesbitt Murray
Neveu Ronald
Neville Robert T.
Newman Charles G.
Newman Richard J.
Newstead Kenneth E.
Newton Percy E.
Nichols Samuel N.
Nicholson Alan L.
Nickleson John M.
Nickoloff Alexander
Nicoletti Roland
Nicolls Robert J.
Nixon Frederick A. E.
Nixon Harry W.
Nixon John L.
Nixon John W.
Nixon Robert W.
Nixon Thomas W.
Noble George
Noble Nelson A.
Noon James L.
Noone Lawrence J.
Nordheimer Kenneth A.
Norris Donald M.
Norris Harold J.
North William J.
Northern Edward
Northmore Martin P.
Norton Joseph E.
Notley Norman F.
Notman George
Nussbaun Lambert R.
Nutter Richard E.
Neilson James A.
O’Brien John
O’Brien John A.
O’Callaghan Timothy J.
O’Brien Charles E.
O’Connell Eusebins W.
O’Connor Leroy J.
O’Donnell Edmond M.
O’Donnell Frederick P.
O’Halloran John
O’Hara James W.
O’Hara Mervin J.
O’Hara Patrick
O’Leary Leo F.
O’Leary Patrick W.
O’Leary Stanley M.
O’Loughlin Lawrence E.
O’Neil Charles L.
O’Neill Arthur H.
O’Neill Billy C.
O’Neill Patrick A. S.
O’Reilly John H.
O’Reilly William J.
O’Gorman Michael B.
Oakes Edwin L.
Oakley Ernest J.
Oakley Samuel E.
Oakley William H.
Oldman James A.
Oliphant Thomas A.
Oliver Thomas E.
Ollen-Bittle Erle W.
Olson Herbert O.
Omilianowski Peter C.
Orchard Anthony B.
Orpen Norman G.
Orr Douglas E.
Orser Gilbert M.
Orviss John A.
Osbourne James
Osler James G.
Osler Robert F.
Oswald Ronald E.
Otton William J.
Oulster Norman M.
Ovens John A.
Overend Gerald J.
Owen David D.
Owen Eldon M.
Owen George
Owen Thomas B.
Owens James A.
Oxenham Lawrence R.
Oxtoby Clifford M.
Orrell Arthur T.
Owen Stanley
Outhet George E.
Page Walter S.
Painter Frederick G.
Pallister-Young A. J.
Palmer Arthur G.
Palmer Freeman H.
Panting Reginald
Paquette Elmer J. F.
Parham Robert N.
Parish Emerson
Parker George K.
Parker Herbert W.
Parker John A.
Parker Louis H.
Parkes Orville F.
Parkinson Margaret S.
Parkinson Thomas E.
Parks Jack
Parks Raymond A.
Parks Thomas
Parliament Rex.
Parrington Kenneth A.
Parrington Nelson A.
Parrott James M.
Partland Frank O.
Patch Henry J.
Patenall Albert E.
Patenall Percival
Paterson Donald M.
Paterson Frank G.
Paterson James
Paterson John W.
Patience Kenneth L.
Paton Charles A.
Paton John
Paton William S.
Patterson Charles E. G.
Patterson Joseph M.
Patterson William C.
Patton John
Paupst Earle R.
Paxton James G.
Payne Robert C.
Payne William E.
Payton Douglas A.
Payton Reginald P.
Peacock Howard M.
Peacock Walter E.
Peacore Thomas J.
Peak John F.
Peaker Allan E.
Peaks Ewart
Pearce Jack G.
Pearce Leonard F.
Pearce Robert C.
Pearce Robert G.
Pearce Stewart W.
Pearce William R.
Pearce William S.
Pearl Jack V.
Pearson Arthur H.
Pearson John J.
Pearson Robert W.
Pearson William
Peddie Roy N.
Penhale Grant R.
Pennell Harry A.
Pennington John
Pepall John R.
Peppiatt Franklin W.
Percival Ernest W.
Percy Robert A.
Perdue Robert N.
Perdue Vincent T.
Perkins Kenneth M.
Pernerowski Ernest J.
Perrin John L.
Perry George A.
Pesme Cecil
Petersen Frederick
Petersen Reginald B.
Peterson Alfred M.
Peterson George F.
Peterson William A.
Pethick Donald R.
Pethick Joseph W.
Petley Ralph E.
Petraites John W.
Petrucci David
Pettigrew Jack
Pettit H. C.
Pettit Howard
Petts Clifford
Petz Matthew G.
Phalen James
Phelan Donegan F.
Phelan Jerome D.
Phelan Terence B.
Philip John McA.
Philip Robert M.
Phillips George F.
Phillips John T.
Phillips Roy J.
Phillips William H. E.
Philp David M.
Picard Murray J.
Pierce Thomas J.
Pieri Donald M.
Pike James
Piontek Jack W.
Piper John R.
Piper Ronald F.
Pirie John R.
Pirrie Harold E.
Pitkin Edmond F.
Pitt Leonard H.
Plante Arthur V.
Platt George J.
Platt Russell W.
Platt William L.
Pleasance Walter N.
Plumridge George H.
Pocock Douglas L.
Pogue Wm. S.
Polden Alfred H.
Polley Edward V.
Pollock Ivan G.
Polygach John
Pomeroy George D.
Poole Maxwell B.
Pope Harry D.
Pope Henry M.
Porter Harold S.
Porter John D.
Porter Samuel E.
Post Wesley E.
Poste Gordon W.
Pound John R.
Pow Norman C.
Powell Charles
Powell Gordon A.
Powell William O.
Powell William R.
Power Paul J.
Preece John V.
Prentice Melville E.
Price Charles M.
Price George J.
Price John G.
Price Percival S.
Prideaux Norman L.
Pridham Kenneth M.
Pritchard Francis C.
Protzik Walter
Pryce Irwin C.
Pulford Albert
Pullan Cyril
Purcell James D.
Purchase Frederick H.
Purchase Harry A.
Purkis William T.
Purmal Vincent R.
Purvis Thomas A.
Pyburn Thomas
Proctor Austin W.
Panton Charles L.
Paterson Gordon
Petrovitch Walter
Parker Gordon H.
Phillips Harvey H.
Quail Charles M.
Queen Harold A.
Quibell Arthur J.
Quinlan Jeremiah W.
Quinlan Maurice J.
Quinn Dennis
Quinn Douglas C.
Quinn Joseph D.
Quinn Robert A.
Quinn William W.
Rae Leslie E.
Raets Wilfred
Rafelton Gerald R.
Raitblat Norman
Ramage Walter E. G.
Ramey Gordon H.
Rammage Albert J.
Ramsey John
Ramsden Henry W.
Randall Arthur
Randall Arthur H.
Raper Ken. W.
Rashotte Charles C.
Ratcliffe Alfred F. C.
Rau Orville J.
Ray Howard S.
Ray Verdun B.
Rea John
Readshaw William
Reason George C.
Reason James G.
Reason Wilson A.
Reddon Garfield
Redfern Donald L.
Reed Douglas P.
Reed Gordon S.
Reed Irwin J.
Reeves Alexander
Reeves Alvin
Reid Allen J.
Reid Arthur J.
Reid Byron B.
Reid Duncan L.
Reid Fred J.
Reid George A.
Reid Harry
Reid Ian G.
Reid John C.
Reid Joseph L.
Reid Leslie W.
Reid Robert W.
Reid Russell A.
Reid Sidney J.
Reid Thomas C.
Reid William J.
Reigate Joseph N.
Reilly Arthur R.
Reilly Robert J.
Reith Gordon
Relyea William R. B.
Renwick John W. McL.
Retter Alan J.
Reynolds Albert C.
Reynolds Alfred J.
Reynolds James L.
Reynolds Ross E.
Reynolds William C. J.
Rhea David R.
Rhoades Ernest A.
Rhuda Joseph
Rhude Everett N.
Rice Alan N.
Richards Edmund G.
Richards Gordon S.
Richards John
Richards Mervyn J.
Richardson Alfred J.
Richardson David B.
Richardson Ernest J.
Richardson Gordon A.
Richardson Murray L.
Richardson Walter T.
Riches Clifford R.
Riches George M.
Richinski John H.
Richmond William G.
Ricketts Robert
Riddell James MacC.
Ridlington Arthur J.
Riggs Lewis
Riley Bruce A.
Rintoul Andrew G.
Ritch Alister F. G.
Ritchie Hagar M.
Ritchie Maxwell F.
Rix Almond W.
Robb Donald H.
Robb Peter F.
Roberts John H.
Roberts Maurice J.
Roberts William R.
Robertshaw Russell W.
Robertson Andrew C. S.
Robertson Donald B. U.
Robertson Ernest D.
Robertson John M.
Robertson John R.
Robertson John W.
Robertson Roy W.
Robertson William A.
Robillard Lou. J.
Robin James McF.
Robins Albert H.
Robins Walter R.
Robinson Donald A.
Robinson Donald J. F.
Robinson Elwin
Robinson George
Robinson Gordon A.
Robinson Robert M.
Robinson William B.
Roche Thomas J.
Rocke Joseph J.
Rodden Wilfred
Roddy Frederick D.
Roder Kenneth E.
Rodgman Edgar A. G.
Roger Leo. A.
Rogers Arthur W.
Rogers Bartlett L.
Rogers Joseph H.
Rogers Stanley
Rogers Thomas A.
Roher L.
Romenick William
Rooney James A.
Rooney James W.
Roper Joseph W.
Rose Eugene A.
Rose William A.
Roseblade Norman L.
Roseland Arnold W.
Rosen Arthur
Rosevear Kenneth W.
Ross Donald A.
Ross Donald W.
Ross Duncan B.
Ross Edward B.
Ross John K.
Ross Walter E.
Roszell Harold W.
Rotenberg Arthur
Rothwell Edward
Rouse Donald E.
Routley William A.
Rowan Larry
Rowan Norman A.
Rowe Alfred G.
Rowe Bruce S.
Rowe Gordon J.
Rowe John G. McC.
Rowland John T.
Roy Donat F. E.
Rumley Charles M.
Rundle Douglas C.
Rush Thomas C.
Russ Frank A.
Russel Hugh R.
Russell Daniel G.
Russell Edwin A.
Russell Ernest A.
Russell Harry
Russell James B.
Rutherford Douglas A.
Rutherford William A.
Ruthig Leonard A.
Rutledge Wilfrid W.
Ryan James E.
Ryan John H. A.
Ryan Joseph D.
Ryan Sidney S.
Ryan Thomas
Rye George
Ritchie John D.
Richards Austin B.
Ridge Raymond C.
Rioux Henry
Ritchie Thomas J.
St.Denis Meredith P. J.
St.Ours Joseph A.
Saarimaki John C.
Sackfield James C.
Saint Fred D.
Sale Douglas J.
Salisbury John H.
Salisbury Harold J.
Salmon Harry L. N.
Sampson James J. J.
Sanders Harry A.
Sanders Roy J.
Sanderson Charles G.
Sanderson John A.
Sandham Richard
Sapsworth Rupert
Sargant Warren L.
Sargeant Edward L.
Sargent Paul T.
Savoie Maurice A.
Sayers Fisher J.
Sayman Norman F.
Scandiffio Francis M.
Scanlan Gerard M.
Scaplehorn William
Schofield Harold V.
Scholes John F.
Scholfield George P.
Schrage David M.
Schrump Spencer Q.
Schrump Theodore H.
Schwartz Solwyn S.
Sciberas Robert
Scollick Thomas R. W. B.
Scorgie William G.
Scott Alexander D.
Scott David
Scott David B.
Scott Frank R.
Scott Harry I.
Scott James P.
Scott John Edward
Scott John Ernest
Scott Thomas J.
Scrimgeour William W.
Seach Max
Seagram Philip F.
Searle William
Secker Bruce W.
Sedgwick Arthur L.
Sedgwick Ronald F. W.
See Douglas R.
Seitz David C.
Sellars George W.
Selleck Thomas V.
Sellers William F. P.
Selway Henry J.
Seminoff Leonard
Sewell William J.
Sexton Lawrence J.
Shackleton Garnet
Shallhorn Jack K.
Shand Charles A.
Shapiro David
Shaprio J. E.
Sharp Frank P.
Sharp Robert D.
Sharp Stanley G.
Sharples James D.
Sharrard Clarence H.
Shaw Frederick C.
Shaw George G.
Shaw Raymond E.
Shaw Reginald J.
Shaw Robert J.
Shaw Thomas R.
Shearer Daniel
Shearer George T.
Shearer William
Shearstone William J.
Sheckleton Robert J.
Sheflin John E.
Sheldon Bertram
Shepherd Arthur A.
Shepherd Henry I.
Sheppard Robert R.
Sheppard Russell
Sherlock Harry J.
Sherman Murray
Sherrard Cecil
Sherrington Robert D.
Shettell George A.
Shields Arthur
Shields Thomas J.
Shiers Harry D.
Shilson William H.
Shirton Howard M.
Shook Carl C.
Short Desmond R. P.
Shorten Frederick E.
Shorter George D.
Shortridge Raymond F.
Showler William H.
Shrubb George
Shulman Phillip M.
Shuter Wilfred J.
Shykoff Joseph D.
Sibbald William J.
Sigel Henry B.
Siggins Thomas
Silcox John J.
Sills Earl A. H.
Sills John W.
Silverberg Frank
Sim Dennis MacD.
Simm Stephen
Simmons Charles H.
Simonsen Robert E.
Simpkins Frank D.
Simpson Andrew W.
Simpson Charles E.
Simpson Frederick J.
Simpson John H.
Simpson John M.
Simpson Robert J.
Simpson William E.
Sinclair Carl M.
Sinclair Donald C.
Sinclair James
Sinclair Leslie R.
Sinclair Roy V.
Sinclair Wilbert L.
Sivell Edgar W.
Skarott David A.
Skarott Raymond D.
Skelly William J. P.
Skelton Harry N.
Skelton William H.
Skinner Eric M.
Skyvington Francis G.
Slack Kenneth E. C.
Slade Richard S.
Slater Robert G.
Slawson John C.
Smail George W.
Smale Royal E.
Small James R. R.
Smalley Ronald W.
Smallwood George K. A.
Smeltzer Benjamin C. L.
Smith Alexander W.
Smith Charles C.
Smith Charles H.
Smith Clarence A.
Smith Dale W.
Smith David
Smith Donald
Smith Edward W.
Smith Emile W.
Smith Edward W.
Smith Frank W.
Smith Frederick C.
Smith G. E.
Smith George S.
Smith Harold F.
Smith Howard A.
Smith James
Smith James A.
Smith James Gellatly
Smith James Gordon
Smith John H.
Smith John Joseph
Smith John Josiah
Smith John V.
Smith John W.
Smith Joseph M.
Smith Leo F.
Smith Leonard J.
Smith Matthew M.
Smith Murray
Smith Norman L. L.
Smith Peter M.
Smith Richard G.
Smith Richard J.
Smith Robert
Smith Robert A.
Smith Robert G.
Smith Robert L.
Smith Robert M.
Smith Ronald R.
Smith Roy
Smith Sanford G.
Smith Sydney E. F. H.
Smith Thomas J.
Smith William Alexander
Smith William Allan
Smith William Dalton
Smith William Davis
Smith William F.
Smith William G.
Smith William Henry
Smith William Herbert
Smith William J.
Smith William R.
Smithson James A.
Smuck Harry L.
Smyth George A. R.
Sneath Harold L.
Snedden Andrew
Snider Charles S.
Snider George P.
Snider John A.
Snively Douglas S.
Snoswell Thomas H.
Sobel Harold
Somers George R.
Somers Lou W.
Sonshine Murray
Sorley James B.
Souch G. A.
Southwood William J.
Sovereign George B.
Spafford William B.
Spalding Clarence
Spanner Frederick G. C.
Sparling Richard H.
Sparrow William A.
Speed James H.
Speed Donald A.
Speers Clarence E.
Speicher George W.
Speller Donald W.
Spence Malcolm B.
Spencer William L.
Speyer Lloyd G.
Spicer George
Spirnyak Frank B.
Spofford George L.
Spratt Frederick
Sproule Cyril L.
Stafford William T.
Stagg William
Standing Walter V.
Standley Arnold
Stanley James C.
Stanley Russell H. A.
Stanley William F.
Stanley William H.
Stanton John P.
Staughton William J. E.
Steele Cecil J.
Steele Richard K.
Steenson William T.
Steep William M.
Steinberg Gordon
Steiner John N.
Stell Richard A.
Stephen Andrew A.
Stephen Gordon K.
Stephen John J.
Stephens John W.
Stephens Wilbert
Stern Joseph H.
Stevens Charles D.
Stevens Frederick R.
Stevens Stanley H.
Stevenson Edward B.
Steventon Jack T.
Stewart Archie J.
Stewart Charters W.
Stewart David D.
Stewart David H. A.
Stewart George
Stewart George E.
Stewart George J.
Stewart Jackson
Stewart John E.
Stewart Joseph S.
Stewart William D.
Stichman Paul
Stiff Walter A.
Still Harry
Stinson Wilmer E.
Stirman Herbert F.
Stitt Herbert D.
Stitzinger Clifford Le V.
Stoat Norman H.
Stockwell George M. F.
Stockwell Leonard S.
Stokes John F.
Stokes Stanley J.
Stoll Earl R.
Stone James R. D.
Stonehouse Montague S.
Storer Stewart G.
Storey Robert L.
Strathy George H . K.
Street John
Strickland Leonard
Stringer George E.
Strom Lloyd
Stroud Donald K.
Stroud Wallace D.
Struk Stephen
Struthers John F.
Strutt John H.
Stuart Robert B.
Stubbs Norman R.
Sturgeon Ralph R.
Sturrock Albert E.
Styles Frederick L.
Suddick William E.
Sullivan Earl J.
Sullivan Edgar J.
Sullivan Edwin G.
Sullivan Gordon P.
Sullivan John L.
Sullivan Norman A.
Sullivan Norman E.
Summers Franklin S. C.
Summers Leonard
Sutcliffe Bruce A.
Sutherland Ross E.
Sutterby Donald F.
Sutton Albert J.
Swain Aubrey R.
Swain John T.
Swales James
Swanton George A.
Sweet Ronald I.
Sweet Willis S.
Swinden Harold A.
Swindlehurst John C.
Switzer John R.
Sword David L.
Syme John G.
Symington Norman
Symons Douglas B.
Shoobridge Donald
Spinks John H.
Savage Donald
Sawchuk Henry
Simpson John C.
Smith Kenneth M.
Strachan Bert
Scandiffio Thomas Peter
Slaughter M. E.
Sinclair G. Graham
Tait Charles E.
Tait Hugh M.
Tait William
Tait William R.
Tanack Nicholas
Tarbet Robert
Tarver Harold M.
Tarzewell George D.
Taylor Albert D.
Taylor Charles
Taylor Donald B.
Taylor Harry G.
Taylor Herbert J.
Taylor John R.
Taylor Johnston P.
Taylor Kenneth H.
Taylor Leonard H.
Taylor Richard J.
Taylor Roy F.
Taylor Sherman
Taylor Victor M.
Taylor William C.
Taylor William E. G.
Taylor William G.
Taylor William W.
Taynen Donald J.
Teabeau Gordon W.
Teather Charles H.
Tedcastle Bruce J.
Teer Douglas T.
Templeton Robert K.
Templeton William
Templeton William H.
Terry John M.
Terry William W.
Thistle Walter L.
Thomas Cyril H.
Thomas Douglas O.
Thomas Harold E. A.
Thomas Kenneth G.
Thomas Wilbert H.
Thomas William E.
Thompson Clarence F.
Thompson Clifford
Thompson Denison H.
Thompson Edward
Thompson Frank W.
Thompson Harry V.
Thompson James J.
Thompson Joseph
Thompson Lorne E.
Thompson Louis
Thompson Ralph L.
Thompson Raymond J.
Thompson Robert R.
Thompson Thomas W.
Thompson Wilfred L.
Thompson William J.
Thomson Alexander S.
Thomson Andrew R.
Thomson Charles S.
Thomson George R.
Thomson Ivan S.
Thomson James S.
Thomson John A.
Thomson John N.
Thomson Victor C.
Thomson Willard B.
Thornbury William S. P.
Thornley Bruce A.
Thornton David
Thornton J. L.
Thow William J.
Thurston Charles R.
Thurston Donald J.
Tickner Douglas S.
Tidy Charles H.
Tidy Thomas E.
Tierney Walter
Tillett Thomas J.
Tillmann William G.
Tilt James P.
Timleck James
Tinker Edmund T.
Tipe Carl
Titley Rupert G.
Tobutt William A.
Tod John
Tomasik George L.
Tomchishin Bernard J.
Tomlin Douglas
Tomlin John C.
Tonkin Donald C.
Tooze Russell M.
Torbett Angus F. W.
Townsend Elwood A.
Townsend Roy
Tracey James E.
Treadwell William H.
Trebell James G.
Trebell Russell
Trelford Allan H.
Treloar Harry A.
Trilsbeck Theodore
Trites James A.
Troke George
Trowell Gordon
Truscott Charles H.
Truscott James R.
Tucker Harry G.
Tunstead William G.
Turley William A.
Turner Alexander
Turner Arthur V.
Turtle Thomas F. S.
Tushingham Harold D.
Tutton Kenneth W.
Tweedie Samuel D.
Tweyman Albert
Twydale Frederick G.
Tyler Arthur L.
Tyson James A.
Tanase Alex.
Thompson Edward W.
Truscott Frank G.
Turff Clarence A.
Tomchishin Edward J.
Upshall Lloyd J.
Upson Joseph C.
Upton Robert C. S.
Urbanski William J.
Utley Richard
Uttley William G.
Vair Marshall R.
Vale Francis E.
Vale William R.
Vanderhart Albert M.
Vanevery William N.
Varey Bryan H.
Varney Douglas C.
Vaughan Alan McC.
Vaughan John L.
Vearncombe Reginald H.
Venning Owen E.
Venton William R.
Vessey Sidney
Vicary George T.
Vickers Allan J.
Vickers Edwin K.
Vince John L.
Vincent Eldon G.
Vincent Thomas A.
Virtue James D.
Vitale Thomas J.
Volks Douglas J.
Wabb Wm. R .L.
Wahlers Edward G.
Wainwright Alan E. G.
Wainwright Gordon W.
Wainwright Kenneth R.
Waldon Douglas M.
Walford Clarence
Walker Arthur D.
Walker Donald E.
Walker Grenville O. M.
Walker Hugh E.
Walker James
Walker John T.
Walker Percy T. W.
Walker Ronald
Walker Roy A.
Walker Roy E.
Walker Samuel C.
Walker Stanley C.
Walkerdine Frederick W.
Walkinshaw James D.
Wall Frederick V.
Wall Walter D.
Wallace Edward W.
Wallace John H.
Wallace Lloyd G.
Wallace Robert N.
Wallace William M.
Wallis George W.
Wallis Richard M.
Wallis Robert G.
Wallner John I.
Walmsley Thomas L.
Walsh Carl B.
Walsh John W.
Walsh William L. B.
Walter William A.
Warburton John
Ward Allan
Ward Frederick P.
Ward Frederick W.
Ward Gordon
Ward Harold B.
Ward Richard
Ward Robert E.
Ward Roland E.
Ward Ronald C.
Wardell Edwin H.
Wardman John A.
Wardrope Arthur H.
Warman Albert H.
Warner George R.
Warr Bertram J.
Warr Edward F.
Warren-Darley George H.
Warrener Ronald MacG.
Warwick Douglas W.
Warwick Vincent M.
Wasik Stanley
Waslyk James
Wasserman Zahlek
Waterston Ervin G.
Watkins Bramwell W.
Watson Clarence W.
Watson David
Watson Howard
Watson Irene
Watson James
Watson Wilfred
Watts Frederick H.
Waugh Donald H.
Wayner Frank L.
Weatherup Arthur D.
Webb Cyrus W.
Webb Francis A.
Webb Francis R.
Webb Mervin A.
Webb Niles L.
Webb Norman A.
Webb Roger J.
Webb Victor J. F.
Webb William
Webber Bernard
Webber Charles R.
Webster Herbert J.
Webster John T.
Webster Lester
Wedd Robert I. C.
Wedd William G. R.
Weeks William
Weingarten Irving P.
Weis Joseph W.
Welbanks Ross S.
Welch Norman F.
Welk John G.
Weller Allen K.
Weller Frederick S.
Wellington Frederick E.
West Francis W.
West William S. H.
Westerby Edward
Westlake Albert N.
Westlake David E.
Westlake George
Westlake Thomas L.
Weston Gordon A.
Westphal John L.
Whaites Lawrence
Whale Lloyd L.
Whalen Murray L.
Wharrie Joseph R.
Wheat Roland F.
Wheatley Robert H.
Wheeler John P.
Whitaker Joseph A.
White Arthur C.
White Charles M.
White David Arthur
White David Roy
White Donald G. B.
White Douglas G.
White James R.
White James W.
White Julian
White Robert
White Walter S.
Whitehead Samuel M.
Whitehouse Kenneth F.
Whitelaw Archie
Whiteside Albert P.
Whitney Richard H.
Whittard Frederick H. T.
Whittle James
Whyte Gordon E.
Wiegand William N.
Wiggins William T.
Wilkes Robert
Wilkinson Frederick J.
Wilkinson Frederick W.
Wilkinson Roy T.
Willett Gerald L.
Williams Elmer F.
Williams Hiram L.
Williams Joseph E.
Williams Maldwyn W.
Williamson Bruce A.
Williamson Richard O. B.
Willis Sydney G.
Willis William E.
Willison William A.
Wills Douglas A.
Wills Thomas J.
Wilson Bill O.
Wilson Charles M.
Wilson Donald W.
Wilson Frederick S. R.
Wilson Jack
Wilson Jack C.
Wilson James D.
Wilson James M.
Windover Jack
Windsor William F.
Winter Benjamin
Winter Francis W.
Wintzer Victor J. A.
Wismer Frank L. S.
Wistow George L.
Withers Joseph A. W.
Withers Kenneth A.
Wolch Theodore B.
Wolstenholme Fred L.
Wood Albert L.
Wood Cecil J.
Wood Frederick C.
Wood George
Wood John W.
Wood William B.
Woodbury Arthur C.
Woodcock George D.
Woodley Reginald D.
Woods Lynn A.
Woods Ross C.
Woods William H.
Woodward Frederick
Woolhouse Albert E.
Woollatt George R.
Wootton John St C.
Work Cyril G.
Worrad Alfred W. L.
Worrall Edward G.
Worthington Frederick W.
Worthington Raymond O.
Wright Alexander
Wright Charles K.
Wright Dennis
Wright Gordon R.
Wright Harold R.
Wright John W.
Wright Morley R.
Wright Robert J.
Wright Sydney H. A.
Wright Thomas
Wright William H.
Wylie Douglas MacK.
Wyman Neville H. C.
Wilson John J.
Wilson Reginald
Wilson Victor H.
Wilson William B.
Wilton Alexander W.
Walker Roy H.
Welch Theodor B.
Western Earle J.
Whalen Charles
Wilkinson Leslie A. C.
Wilkinson Thomas E.
Williams Gordon
Williamson Neil
Wills Harry G.
Willson Luroy S.
Wilson Cyril
Wright William B.
Winslow William D.
Wilson Bruce
Wilson Cayley John
Yasyszczuk Walter
Yates Edward W. S.
Yeats Lionel J.
York Douglas
Youmans Frederick A.
Young George E.
Young Gordon W.
Young Harold J.
Young Harry K.
Young James M.
Young Peter N. B.
Young William F.
Youngs William A.
Yowney Myron
Young Archibald K.
Zimmerman Maurice D.

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