The Dieppe Raid continues to represent the largest loss of life for Canadians in a single day during the Second World War, and the highest number of casualties across all wars in Toronto’s history. Its impact was keenly felt in Toronto, with more than 200 soldiers, or one quarter of the 807 Canadians that died that day, having a connection to the city. This section lists their names.

For more information please visit the 80th Anniversary of the Dieppe Raid and Veterans Memories sections.

Edward William Adams
Samuel Adams
Ernest Ainsworth
Kenneth William Allen
James Alexander
Dennis Gwnfryn Ambrey
Arden Arthur Armstrong
Thomas Miller Armstrong
William David Bache
Percy Bailey
Charles Arthur Baker
Douglas John Banks
Harold Edward Barnes
Harry Richard Barrett
James Bateman
Cecil Frederick Bath
Albert Edward Bathgate
Herbert Edgar Bell
Llewellyn Clarke Bell
Charles Henry Bendall
Frederick Alonzo Benford
Oliver Lorraine Bergey
James Edward Binns
William Nichol Bisset
George Page Bloomfield
Leslie Earnest Bockus
James Erwin Bolitho
Donald Smilie Briggs
Raymond Brooks
Alexander Brown
Russell Roderick Brown
Frank Oswald Brown
William Albert Brown
Ronald Dewar Bryan
Meyer Bubis
Norman Buchanan
James Burnett
Ernest George Edward Calway
William George Carrier
Charles Enos Christian
Charles Thomas Christie
Ivan Clarke
Joseph Coffey
Lionel Cohen
Frank Cowlishaw
Charles Crabtree
Albert Edward Cunningham
Harold W. Davis
George Harold Davis
Erskine Robert Eaton
William Edwards
Michael Hubert Fiest
James Lawrence Finley
John Alexander Foster
Albert George Frost
Albert James Gammon
Albert James Gibson
George Charles Gillard
Robert Gilliland
Joseph Glover
Thomas Gorman
John Mark Gralick
Henry William Grear
Simon Green
Morris Greenberg
Albert William Guthrie
Charles Haggerty
David Hassell
William Hawes
Andrew Redpath Hendry
Edwin Harold Hillier
James Arthur Holohan
Samuel Hood
Stewart Kenneth Houser
Darcy Lynn Howick
John Hughan
Kenneth James Ingram
William Stewart Milford Jacobs
Christopher Johnston
Orill Edward Jones
Nelson Jones
William Henry Jordan
Carl Thomas Keesler
Gordon Fourest Klassen
James Owen Lamb
Ross Laver
Albert Edward Lee
Raymond Thomas Lloyd
Leonard Lloyd
Norman William Lowden
Morris Lozdon
Cyril George Ludgate
William Thompson Luey
Frederick Harold Luke
Paul Leon Magner
John Marchello
William James Marsh
John Allister Mason
Paul Martin
Joseph John Maville
Clarence Wilson McBride
John Joseph McCarthy
Robert William McClean
George Frederick McClean
Watson Harold McCluskey
James Arnold McFadden
Norman Johnston McGlashan
Thomas McIvor
Albert George McKinley
Norman Victor McLean
Robert William McLeod
Daniel Mitchell McNerney
Austin Wallace Mighton
Gordon Mitich
William George Moffatt
Arthur William Montgomery
Henry Noel Morris
Herbert Morrison
William Baines Murcell
John Murray
Ronald Neveu
Harold James Norris
Rupert Simpson Oakley
Norman George Orpen
William Jacob Orr
Anthony James Pallister-Young
William Clark Patterson
John Joseph Patton
Ewart Peaks
John Duckenfield Pearce
Frederick Petherbridge
Harvey Phillips
Alfred Herbert Polden
Wesley Elmer Post
Walter Edward Gordon Ramage
Leslie Walter Reid
Gordon Reith
Martin Relf
Joseph Rhuda
Austin Bertram Richards
John Herbert Roberts
George William Roberts
Donald Ernest Rouse
Larry Rowan
Thomas Daniel Russell
William Albert Rutherford
John Henry Scott
John Leslie Scott
Clarence Joseph Sharp
Douglas Simpson
George Graham Sinclair
Richard John Smith
Robert Smith
John Josiah Smith
Edward George Smith
Donald Smith
William James Southwood
James Henry Speed
Harold Leslie Spike
Cyril Lloyd Sproule
John Wesley Stevenson
Harry Still
Earl James Sullivan
Donald Barrington Taylor
Charles Hadfield Teather
Joseph Thompson
Willard Brewing Thomson
William Shirley Patrick Thornbury
Harry George Tucker
William George Tunstead
Frederick George Twydale
Robert Cecil Stowe Upton
John Alfred Wain
John Todd Walker
Roy Alexander Walker
Roy Elson Walker
Leslie Elay Wall
Carl Basil Walsh
William Alexander Walter
Roland Edward Ward
Edwin Harris Wardell
Stanley Wasik
Howard Watson
William George Roger Wedd
James Robert White
Mason Lewis Williams
Thomas Edward Williams
Arthur Clifford Woodbury
Reginald Donald Woodley
Charles Kenneth Wright
Walter Yasyszczuk
Harry Kirk Young

Killed as a result of injuries at Dieppe

Henry William Barfield
David Ralph Barton
Murray Irving Bleeman
Robert Ernest Boyes
Frank Edwin England
David Belgrave Higgins
Albert Hutson
David Percival Johnston
Paul Clark McGillicuddy
Stewart Millar
Ralph Eric Montgomery
William Neelands
Gordon Poole
George Percival Scholfield
James Sinclair
William Thomson Thomas Steenson
Stephen Youell