Concept 2 Keys (C2K) is improving the development application review process and the experience for applicants by making it more consistent across City divisions and agencies, introducing technology and process improvements and creating a more collaborative and accountable relationship between City staff and applicants.

New processes and tools are being implemented to address concerns raised by both City staff and applicants during the End-to-End Review of the Development Review Process. They are being tested and refined by the City with help from development applicants whose affordable housing applications are part of Phase 1 of C2K. Eventually, the new tools and processes will roll out on a wider scale. The end goal is to improve the experience of applicants and City staff by enabling more efficient development reviews with fewer issues slowing down the review process and shorter turnaround times.

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A new online application submission tool is currently being tested in Phase 1 of C2K with a limited group of affordable housing applications. The online tool has been designed to simplify and improve the transparency of the review process while enabling greater collaboration between applicants and City staff.

A new commenting mark-up tool enables City staff and commenting partners to review planning applications, provide comments and revise planning drawings in a coordinated and collaborative manner.

Application review teams made up of City staff from commenting divisions have been created to identify and resolve issues early in the review process and communicate the City’s requirements and expectations so applicants can provide what is needed to conduct an efficient review.

New Application Managers and Coordinators are helping to create a more collaborative and coordinated relationship between applicants and the City, providing updates on the status of applications and helping review teams stay on track and on schedule. The Application Coordinators will schedule milestone meetings for applicants and City staff and work with the review teams to identify and resolve issues early in the process so that applications can continue to move through the review process efficiently.

Mandatory pre-application consultation is a formal meeting between a development applicant, City staff and relevant external commenting partners, held at the beginning of the development review process.

Pre-application consultation is currently voluntary in Toronto, but most applicants participate in some form of pre-application consultation with City staff prior to submitting a development application. Making pre-application consultation mandatory provides an opportunity to improve and formalize an already well-used practice and support timely review of a development application.

Improvements to the early stages of the development review process, beginning with mandatory pre-application consultation, result in the submission of higher-quality applications, increase the number of applications moving from pre-application consultation to actual submission, reduce the overall number of circulations and help to establish mutual accountability between applicants and staff early on.

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City Planning and Concept 2 Keys (C2K) are jointly proposing to improve the City’s development review process through amendments to Section 5.5 of the Official Plan and Chapter 415 of the Municipal Code to require mandatory pre-application consultation. A Proposals Report was considered at Planning and Housing Committee on June 11, 2021.

A virtual public open house on Mandatory Pre-Application Consultation will be held in the fall.

If you wish to be added to the Interested Parties list for the Mandatory Pre-Application Consultation Official Plan Amendment, please send an email to