Before submitting a planning application to the City, you can meet with City staff to discuss your proposal to get a clearer understanding of what is required to submit a formal application to the City for an efficient evaluation of the proposal.

Consulting with the City is not a required component of the Development Review Process but it is encouraged in accordance with Section 5.5 of the City’s Official Plan to assist applicants and the City in defining the requirements for application submission ahead of time.

Enhancement to the Pre-Application Consultation process were made to improve the experience for everyone involved. The new process is a more structured approach with submission requirements, a clear understanding for both the applicant and staff on what the Pre-Application Consultation meeting will entail and finishes with an anticipated outcome of what materials the applicant needs to provide to the City to submit a complete application.

All of these steps will add clarity around the expectations and added benefits of taking advantage of  the Pre-Application Consultation ahead of entering the Development Review Process.