Before beginning the Development Review Process with the City, we strongly encourage you to contact the Planning Consultant in the District of the proposal to receive beneficial preliminary information which could save you time and money as you proceed through the review process. Also, we encourage you to take advantage of the formalized Pre-Application Consultation process to help you prepare your application package. You can also refer to the Toronto Development Guide: Building Toronto Together for requirements as well.

Please select from the listing of application forms relative to your proposal. Note that as an applicant, you grant the City permission to reproduce, in whole or in part, any document submitted as part of a complete application for internal use, inclusion in staff reports or distribution to the public for the purpose of application review. As an applicant you agree to provide a reasonable number of copies of any such document, or parts thereof, in paper and/or electronic form, to the City for internal use and distribution to the public for the purpose of application review.

What’s New

Please note that we are now accepting digital applications on a USB key. Please ensure the following requirements are met:

  1. USB key needs to be formatted for use in a Windows based device (e.g. Fat32 / NTFS);
  2. Ensure only PDF files for the application submission are on the Key, uncompressed (e.g. no zipped files) and no folders;

Please Note: Any USB key provided to staff through mail/courier will not be returned.