Tier 1 and 2 Forms

Use free Acrobat Reader software to complete and save these fillable forms:

Statistics templates (apply to applicable plans and drawings to assist in the review of your planning application for compliance with the TGS)

Toronto Green Standard Checklists

The Toronto Green Standard Checklist is part of a Complete Application and must be submitted with your development application. To help expedite the review of your application, the Checklist must indicate the performance tier being targeted (Tier 1, 2 or 3) and complete all Tier 1 boxes (where applicable) to indicate the plan or report where the compliance is noted or demonstrated.

Update and resubmit the TGS Checklist with each development application resubmission. Tier 1 must be met to receive Site Plan Approval and to be eligible to enroll into the Development Charge Refund Program.

For projects targeting Tier 2, or higher performance tiers, also complete the High Performance Checklist and follow the instructions on the Development Charge Refund program page.

Statistics Templates

For Site Plan Control Applications complete the full Toronto Green Standard Statistics Template. For stand-alone Zoning By-law Amendment applications, only complete Section 1 of the template. Copy the completed Statistics Template directly onto the Statistics Plan or the Site Plan submitted with your application.

Green Roof Statistics Template

This template is required to be submitted for all Site Plan Control or Building Permit applications where a green roof is required under the City of Toronto Green Roof Bylaw. Complete the table and copy it directly onto the Roof Plan submitted as part of any Site Plan Control Application requiring a green roof in accordance with the Bylaw.


Ensure that the plans, drawings and reports submitted with your development application clearly demonstrate compliance with TGS performance measures and include adequate detailed notations and legends.