The Chester Springs study area is located within the Lower Don Valley, just south of the Bloor Street Viaduct. It is approximately 1.35 ha in size and is bounded by the Don River to the west and the Lower Don Trail to the east. Based on recent flora and fauna studies, it has the highest ecological quality and sensitivity within the Don Valley (Central Section) Environmentally Significant Area.


The new Conceptual Plan and Maintenance Strategy will:

  • Showcase a native shrub and wetland habitat that provides an aesthetic and educational amenity for park users, while providing valuable habitat to local and migratory wildlife
  • Maintain connections to the existing trail and consider intersection safety, using innovative and sustainable materials and construction methods wherever possible
  • Use plants, materials and design principles that minimize maintenance requirements and discourage vandalism
  • Address fluvial, hydrology, soils and drainage requirements

Stay tuned for further updates on the proposed improvements to Chester Springs!