A new skatepark is coming to Earl Bales Park! The City will be engaging the community to help determine the design.

  • Summer 2022: Hire a design consultant
  • Fall 2022 to Fall 2023: Design development
  • Fall 2022 to Spring 2023: Community Engagement
  • Spring 2024: Construction starts
  • Summer 2024: Construction complete

The timeline is subject to change.

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December 2022

Online Survey

From November 22 to December 11, 2022 the project team conducting a visioning survey which collected over 500 responses. The survey focused on the overall park typology and skate park features. A survey summary will be posted on this page when available.

August 2022

Skatepark Champions

The City recruited a team of champions to help guide the project and work with designers and the local community to develop the skatepark design. Champions are a team of skateboarders of all skill levels from beginner to advanced. As best as possible, the City aimed to form a team that is diverse and representative of the local community.

Earl Bales Park is located at 4169 Bathurst St., south of Sheppard Avenue. It is a large 51-hectare destination park in Ward 6 – York Centre with a community centre, extensive park grounds and many recreational amenities.

As part of Toronto’s 20-year Facilities Master Plan and informed by the Skateboarding Strategy, City staff reviewed existing skate facilities across the city to identify areas where new or improved facilities are needed to improve access to the activity city-wide.

Through this process, York Centre was identified as an area that lacked skateboarding facilities. Based on a number of criteria, Earl Bales Park has been selected as the best location to create a new skatepark for the local community. This criteria includes:

  • Geographic location
  • Site characteristics including adequate space, suitable topography, etc.
  • Available supporting amenities including washrooms, parking lots, transit access
  • Demographics of the area, including children and youth population size
  • Safety considerations (i.e. clear sightlines and proximity to other amenities that will encourage “eyes on the skatepark”)

The skatepark design will be developed in consultation with the community. Budget, site limitations and operational requirements will also be considered throughout the design process.

Information about this project and ways to participate will be shared with the community through this webpage, on-site signage, and social media.