A new park is coming to 234 Simcoe St. which will be part of an integrated Relic Linear Park System. The City will be engaging the community to help determine the park design and programming.

Project Timeline

  • April 2021: Hire a landscape architect
  • October 2021 to December 2022: Design development and community engagement
  • January 2023 to December 2023: Detailed design
  • Early winter 2024: Hire a construction team
  • Spring/Summer 2024: Construction starts

The timeline is subject to change.


As part of a new mixed-use condominium development at 234 Simcoe St., there will be a new 1,000m2 municipal park. The park will be located on the east side of St. Patrick Street, south of Dundas Street West and will be incorporated into the Relic Linear Park System.

The concept for the park will aim to align with the community-led The Grange Green Plan (July 4, 2018 Community Council decision) and will artfully embrace the architectural relic stones. The park will have a strong connection to the Privately-Owned Publicly Accessible Spaces (POPS) located just north of the new park.

The City will be working closely with the developer to design and construct the new park and the park programming will be developed in consultation with the community.

Community engagement for this project will be delivered in multiple phases starting in 2021.

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