The Relic Linear Park network is a community-led vision that embraces the inclusion of architectural relic stones in the public realm and park spaces within the Grange Park neighbourhood. The park system will include new parks at 234 Simcoe St. and 292 Dundas St. W. and is guided by the Grange Green Plan and Relic Park Prospectus.

The name of this park has not been decided. The name will be determined through community engagement at a later date. The City of Toronto is currently reviewing its Property Naming Policy. Until this review is completed, only park naming or renaming requests received before October 1, 2020 will be processed at this time.

Community engagement for this project will be delivered in multiple phases that will engage the local community, community groups and key stakeholders.

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August 2022

Online Survey

From July 25 to August 7, 2022, an online visioning survey took place to collect feedback on the two new parks coming to 234 Simcoe St. and 292 Dundas St. W. The survey received 501 responses. A summary of the results will be posted here when available.

Two new developer-funded parks are being designed at 234 Simcoe St. and 292 Dundas St. W. and will be key components of the Relic Linear Park System and overall strategy. The parks will connect the linear park to Campbell House Museum (to the south) with the gateway or endpoint of the system at Dundas Street West and McCaul Street.

Each new park will incorporate architectural relic stones in a dynamic and artistic way with the goal of showcasing Toronto’s architectural history.

New Park at 234 Simcoe St.

A new 1000m2 municipal park is coming to 234 Simcoe St. as part of a new mixed-use residential development.

New Park at 292 Dundas St. W.

A new 261m2 municipal park is coming to 292 Dundas St. W. as part of a new mixed-use residential development.

Indigenous Placekeeping

Through conversations with the Mississaugas of the Credit it was brought to the City’s attention that the architectural relic fragments, stones, and sculptures come from a period in which Toronto was created through colonization by European immigrants and that these pieces are remnants of early colonialism. Acknowledging this, the City put out a call to hire Indigenous artist(s)/designer(s) to work as part of the larger design teams and incorporate an Indigenous perspective and history to the park. We anticipate to have the Indigenous artist(s)/designer(s) on the design team by mid October 2022.

The Relic Park Linear System is guided by the Grange Green Plan and the Relic Park Prospectus, which outlines the project context, vision, and goals for enhancing and creating new green spaces in the Grange Park neighbourhood.

The vision for Relic Linear Park was ignited by community voices and developed in partnership with The Grange Community Association (GCA) and the Campbell House Museum. The City will use these guiding documents to inform the project as it progresses.


The Grange Green Plan – July 2018

The Grange Green Plan, prepared in partnership with the GCA and the local Councillor, creates an action plan to maximize green space in the Grange Park neighbourhood by recognizing the importance of finding opportunities to enhance existing green spaces and identifying opportunities for creating new ones. The purpose of the Grange Green Plan is to improve public green space, enhance private greening efforts, and contribute to the City’s environmental and climate change agenda, improving both human and ecosystem health within the Grange Park community.

The plan was considered by Toronto and East York Community Council on July 4, 2018 and was adopted without amendments.

Key priorities of the plan include:

  • Increase and sustain green space
  • Establish green space connectivity
  • Increase tree canopy size and health
  • Improve storm water drainage
  • Improve habitat for pollinators
  • Reduce water, air and noise pollution

Relic Park Prospectus – May 2019

The Relic Park Prospectus, prepared in partnership with the local Councillor’s Office, the GCA and Campbell House Museum, outlines a further vision and approach to the public realm enhancements and new parks that integrate architectural relics through a new green corridor in the Grange Park neighbourhood. The project proposal also includes potential design details, and site-specific schematic designs for various public spaces proposed within the park system.