The shaded text within chapters one to five contains the policies of the Official Plan. Unshaded text and sidebars within chapters one to five are provided to give context and background and assist in understanding the intent of policies but are not policy.

The following chapters of the Official Plan are current as of December 2023.

Chapter 1 Making Choices

Chapter 1 articulates a vision for our future and outlines the principles for a successful city upon which the Plan is based.

Chapter 2 Shaping the City

Chapter 2 sets out the urban structure of the City, develops the strategy for directing growth within the structure and sets out policies for the management of change, through the integration of land use and transportation.

Chapter 3 Building a Successful City

Chapter 3 contains policies to guide decision making based on the Plan’s goals for the human, built, economic and natural environments.

Chapter 4 Land Use Designations

Chapter 4 contains the land use designations which apply across the City, which together with the land use maps implement the strategy for managing change set out in Chapters 2 and 3.

Chapter 5 Implementation: Making Things Happen

Chapter 5 sets out a general approach to implementing the Plan, including the policies to guide local planning in the City.

December 2023 Office Consolidation

December 2023 Consolidation of Chapters 1-5 of the Official Plan incorporates all citywide Official Plan Amendments approved and in effect up-to and including December 12, 2023.