Schedule 1

Schedule 1 Existing Minor Streets with Right-of-Way Widths Greater than 20 Metres lists the street name, location and planned right-of-way width for all of the minor streets within the City that have right-of-way widths greater than 20 metres.

Schedule 2

Schedule 2 The Designation of Planned but Unbuilt Roads lists the street name and location for segments of new and existing City streets that are not yet built.

Schedule 3

Schedule 3 Application Requirements identifies the documents that are required to be submitted to the City as part of a complete application for Official Plan and Zoning By-Law amendments, plans of subdivision, plans of condominium, consents to sever and site plan control approvals.

Schedule 4

Schedule 4 Description of Views describes the views identified on Maps 7A and 7B and subject to the policies of Section 3.1.1 of the Official Plan.