The Toronto Green Standard Version 3 includes a consolidated Standard for high performance city building projects. This Standard applies to all non-residential development being planned and built by the City’s Agencies, Corporations & Divisions. City-owned residential buildings apply the Mid-High Rise Residential Standard e.g. Toronto Community Housing.

The new City Standard includes Tier 2 level performance measures and some optional higher, voluntary targets in some categories that help to achieve Toronto’s low carbon pathway if selected. The Version 3 Standard applies to all buildings and additions greater than 100 m² GFA commencing in 2018 with the 10 year Capital budget and Plan within all procurement processes.  City building projects must be third-party certified post-construction.

City Agencies, Corporations and Divisions are also required to aim to achieve a net-zero energy and emissions target for all new buildings where technically practical and financially feasible.

See the City Council Decision to adopt a Toronto Green Standard Tier 2 policy for City-owned and ACD buildings from March 28, 29, 2017 for details.

Air Quality

Performance measures to improve local air quality

Energy Efficiency, GHG & Resilience

Performance measures that reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions and enhance building resilience to extreme weather.

Water Balance, Quality & Efficiency

Performance measures to improve water quality and aquatic ecosystem health and reduce the demand for potable water.


Performance measures to enhance the urban forest and minimize the impact of new development on ecological systems.

Solid Waste

Performance measures to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and to encourage more sustainable building materials.

Checklist & Templates

Fill out these form to show how the design of the site/building meets the Toronto Green Standard.