Effective May 1, 2022, City Agencies, Corporations and Division-owned facilities are required to be designed and built to Net Zero Emissions (TGS V4 Council Report).

The Toronto Green Standard Version 4 consolidated Standard applies to all new City’s Agencies, Corporations & Division-Owned residential and non-residential development projects (including additions) that are greater than 100m2 GFA. Toronto Community Housing and Create TO residential projects may also apply Tier 2 or 3 Energy and Emissions requirements from the Low Rise or Mid-High Rise Residential Standard applicable to the housing type. The new City Standard reflects Council direction for City leadership and demonstration to achieve high performance sustainability and Transform TO climate change objectives.

City building projects must be third-party verified post-construction to confirm compliance with these standards. The City maintains a roster of “Registered Project Evaluators“, prequalified firms, to undertake this work for either private or public high performance development projects. They are contracted by the City of Toronto project manager to coordinate compliance documentation review and provide feedback during the construction documentation and Occupancy stages and submit a Verification Report for approval by Environmental Planning. The evaluator must declare no conflict of interest in the project in order to remain unbiased and objective in their review.

Checklists & Templates

Complete the Checklist and Statistics Templates with each planning submission to demonstrate compliance with the TGS.

Air Quality

Performance measures for low emissions transportation & mobility.

Buildings Energy, Emissions & Resilience

Performance measures to optimize energy efficiency, reduce GHG emissions and enhance building resilience to extreme weather.

Water Quality & Efficiency

Performance measures for stormwater management, green infrastructure and potable water reduction.

Ecology & Biodiversity

Performance measures to enhance the urban forest, increase biodiversity and minimize urban heat islands.

Waste and the Circular Economy

Performance measures to divert waste going to landfill and use sustainable building materials.