• Policy Framework: A summary of the existing policy direction for the area, in addition to information about the Secondary Plan Review process.
  • Trends: Infographics and charts illustrating demographic, employment and development trends in King-Parliament.
  • Heritage: A detailed description of the history of King-Parliament and a summary of key themes in the evolution of the area.
  • Built Form: A “cheat sheet” of the tools that City Planning uses to shape built form and a look at how building types in the area have changed over the years.
  • Parks & Public Realm: A summary of the direction the new Downtown Parks and Public Realm Plan provides for King-Parliament, and an accounting of existing parkland in the area.

At its meeting of May 22-24, 2018, City Council directed City Planning in collaboration with divisional partners to undertake a King-Parliament Secondary Plan Review focused on built form, public realm and heritage.

Council also directed City Planning to undertake a built form, public realm and heritage study for the north side of Queen St. E., between Jarvis St. and River St., concurrent with the King-Parliament Secondary Plan review.