Scarborough Zoning Key MapThis information sheet is a General Guide to the Zoning By-laws in the former City of Scarborough and has been prepared for convenience purposes only. For complete zoning information, please refer to the applicable By-law.


Before you Begin:

In the Scarborough District there are 34 Community Zoning By-laws and 1 Employment District by-law.

Each Community By-law has a community name and a by-law number, e.g. Woburn – B/L 9510; Bendale – B/L 9350. Each community by-law consists of the by-law text and the corresponding maps which are attached as Schedules “A” and “C”. Schedule “A” Map identifies the zoning designation, and performance standards that apply to the property, and, Schedule “C” Map identifies any exceptions that apply to the property.

The Employment District By-law covers several communities and has a by-law number of 24982. The Employment District By-law consists of the by-law text and the corresponding maps for each district which are attached as Schedule “A” Map. Schedule “A” Map identifies the zoning designation, and both the performance standards and any exceptions that apply to the property. The exception is identified with a circle around it and applies to the entire area within the heavy black line, or in some cases within a heavy black line and heavy broken lines.

You must review both the by-law and the maps in order to determine the zoning requirements for a property.

The consolidated by-laws which are for use at the Customer Service Counter may not include some of the recent by-law amendments. Please enquire of the Customer Service Staff if there have been any recent amending by-laws. If there are amending by-laws, and only if they are Final and Binding, you may obtain the amending by-law number and get a copy from our Customer Service Staff, The Clerk’s Department, or the City of Toronto web site at:

  • Using the key map located at the Customer Service counter, locate the property you are looking for on the map and note the District name and the By-law number;
  • At the Customer Service counter you can find the Zoning by-law for the Employment District or Community in question and locate your property on the attached maps.

Step 1: Use the Key map to identify which Community or Employment District your Property is located in and obtain a copy of the Zoning By-law for that Community or District

There is a key map “Communities & Employment Districts” located at the Customer Service counter. The map shows the various Communities and Employment Districts within the former City of Scarborough.

Scarborough Community Map

Step 2: Locate your property on the Schedule “A” Map, and determine the Zoning Designation and Performance Standards that apply to your property

Scarborough Schedule A Map Example

On Schedule “A” Map, locate the property, which will be found within an area defined with a solid heavy black line. Note the letter(s) and string of numbers.

The letter(s) represents the zoning designation e.g. S – is zoned for Single Family Residential etc. The string of numbers following the zoning designation identifies the performance standards that apply to this property.

To find the zoning designation and permitted uses under the designations go to Zone Provisions in the by-law and look up the letter(s) that was noted for the property. The zoning designation identifies the zoning for the property and lists the uses that are permitted within that designation. Keep in mind that the permitted uses that are listed may be affected by site specific performance standards or exceptions

The Performance Standards are listed in the Performance Standard Chart (near the back of the text) – these numbers deal with requirements such as, but not limited to, minimum lot size, front and side yard setbacks, minimum floor area, gross floor area, height, parking, etc.

Any requirements not covered by Performance Standards or Exceptions (i.e. Coverage, max. floor area, # of Storeys, Height, Rear Yard Setback, Basement Height, Parking Requirements, Driveways, Coverage, Use of Basement, Swimming Pools, Garages/Carports/Accessory Structures, Landscaping) will be located in the General Provisions; The clause # varies depending on which District the property is located


Step 3: Locate your property on the Schedule “C” Map and Identify if any there are any Exceptions to the Zoning By-law that your property may be subject to

Scarborough Zoning Map ExampleOn Schedule “C” Map (Schedule “A” map if your property is located in an Employment District), find the property. If the property is within a heavy black line with a number in heavy print, this number identifies that an exception applies to the properties. Please note that general exceptions may also be found on this Schedule “C” Map, under the legend box

If an exception is identified for the property on either Schedule “A” or “C” Maps, go to the Exceptions chart located at the back of the by- law (Exceptions may limit, permit or prohibit or define certain uses). Exceptions apply to all properties within the heavy black line, or if there is a heavy dashed line it applies only to the properties within the area bounded in part by a heavy black line and the dashed line



About the Bylaws – General Information

  • All highlighted words/phrases in the by-law are defined in the Interpretation Clause in the Community By-laws
  • The General Provisions Clause in each By-law is very important. It deals with general requirements such as landscaping, location of parking, ancillary uses, coverage, height, maximum floor areas, basement height, rear yard setbacks, etc. This clause also deals with Uses Permitted in All Zones; be sure to read this first!
  • Where the performance standards or exceptions differ from the general provisions; the performance standard and exception requirements are applied, e.g. where the minimum rear yard setback requirement in the general provisions differs from the performance standard, the performance standard requirement is applied.