The Clothing Drop Boxes Bylaw provides regulations to ensure clothing drop boxes remain safe and maintained.

Clothing drop boxes are not allowed on City streets, boulevards or sidewalks and will be removed at the expense of the owner and/or property owner.

Operators of boxes on private property are required to get an annual licence and permit for each box.

During the application for a permit, operators need to provide a signed statement from a third-party professional engineer. This must state that the engineer has reviewed the design of the box, considered the safety risks and determined that the box addresses potential injury.

Permit sticker must be clearly displayed on each box, along with a schedule that outlines when the contents of the box will be picked up.

Clothing drop box operators are also required to place boxes in areas with adequate lighting at all times to allow for safe operation of the boxes. Operators must provide photos to confirm that the boxes meet this requirement.

More information on all the bylaw requirements can be found in the Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 395, Clothing Drop Boxes.

If you see a box without a permit, or have a concern regarding a box, please contact 311.