Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 489, Grass and Weeds includes rules about height requirements for grass, weeds and vegetation on private properties, including any publicly-owned portions. The bylaw also outlines rules for having a natural garden. Learn more about the bylaw regulations.

A natural garden is designed to have environmental benefits and may create a habitat for birds, butterflies and other wildlife. It is managed within a certain boundary and may both contain native and non-native plants. Unlike neglected properties, a natural garden will not contain overgrown plants or invasive weeds.

Property owners with a natural garden may apply for a natural garden exemption to be exempt from the height restrictions of the bylaw. The map below shows the location of approved natural gardens in Toronto.

Title Description
401 Balliol St

Natural garden in the front and back yard.

19 Banff Rd

Natural garden

31 Bertmount Ave

Natural garden with a mix of shrubs and herbaceous perennials including, weigela, spirea, mugbo pine, boxwood, forsythia, barberry, and ninebark.

107 Bickerton Cres

Natural garden containing mostly tall grass, some wildflowers such as daisies,queen anne’s lace, thistle, wild chicory, and several patches of oregano.

52 Boyd Ave.

Natural Garden

84 Brentwood Rd N

Natural garden with a mix of herbaceous perennials, some native species which include: Sylphium (Cup Plant), Anemone and others.

39 Bristol Ave

Natural garden.

376 Broadway Ave

Natural garden

72 Burgess Ave

Natural garden located in front lawn, and is dominated by goldenrod with some echinacea, rudebeckia (black-eyed susan), phlox, achillea (yarrow) and oenothera (evening primrose).

212 Cedarvale Ave

Natural garden primarily of native plants in the front garden and back side garden, with ground cover in the a portion of the back yard.

286 Churchill Ave

Natural Garden

14 Clapperton Ave

Natural garden.

438 Clendenan Ave

Natural garden located in front yard, includes over 50 species of native plants.

58 Coe Hill DR

Natural garden.

647 Coxwell Ave

Natural garden containing a mix of some shrubs and herbaceous perennials including hydrangea, cosmos, milkweed, honeysuckle, daylily, sunflower and an arbour with a trailing rose.

839 Craven Rd

Natural garden located in the rear yard.

96 Crossbow Cres

Natural garden

183 De Grassi St.

Natural garden

66 Derrydown Rd

Natural garden with ornamental grasses, flowers and shrubs.

74 Derrydown Rd

Natural Garden

11 Dinan St.

Natural Garden

26 Doddington Dr

Natural garden located in front yard.

23 Doerr Rd

Natural garden

4 Dominion Rd.

Natural Garden

51 Don Valley Dr

Natural garden.

3 Dromore Cres

Natural garden with rose campion, forget-me-nots, periwinkle, goldenrod, orange lilies etc.

2451 Dundas St W

Natural garden located in the backyard.

589 Durie St

Natural garden.

135 Duvernet Ave

Natural garden located in backyard.

208 Ellerslie Ave

Natural garden.

79 Elwood Blvd

Natural garden including echinacea, daylilies, black eyed susan, yarrow, catnip, and ornamental grasses.

16 Ethelwin Ave

Small natural garden in the front yard with wildflowers and cultivated flowers from seed.  The garden attracts bees and other flying insects.

300 Euclid Ave

Natural garden consists of ivy-like ground cover, lilies, some flowering plants and  long grasses interspersed.

16 Ferncroft Dr

Natural garden

67 Fishleigh Dr

Natural garden in the front yard of mostly perennials and some wild flowers, flowering bushes, lavender, and some herbs.

2 Fordham Pl

Natural garden encompasses the entire property with natural wild flowers, clover and other natural propagating species.  The garden supports the natural habitat of several families of wild rabbits.

6 Gaylord Dr

Natural garden consisting of trees, shrubs and perennials in the front and back yards.

175 Geoffrey St

Natural garden.

341 Glen Park Ave

Natural garden with flowers, evergreens, lilac and various plants.

58 Glencrest Blvd

Natural garden.

56 Glory Cres

Natural garden with a mix of herbaceous perennials and lawn, including Canada anemone, raspberry bushes, mint and others.

6 Gordon Ave

Natural garden located in the front yard with native Ontario plants, including some ornamental grasses, honeysuckle bushes, fragrant sumac, swamp milkweed, wild rose, wild strawberry, black eyed susan, green cornflower, false sunflower, bergamot, joe pye weed et cetera.

35 Grantbrook St

Natural garden.

29 Hamilton St

Natural garden with milkweed and tall grasses, roses, peonies and daylilies.

63 Harnworth Dr

Natural garden with a mix of herbaceous perennials and native plants.

104 Helendale Ave

Natural garden with wildflowers.

192 Holborne Ave

Natural garden with a blackberry plant, a rose bush and maple tree.

35 Holbrooke Ave

Natural garden.

49 Hollyhedge Dr

Natural garden with a hardy mixture of native and non-native plants and assorted grasses.

67 Houston Cres

Natural garden.

29 Howarth Ave

Natural garden

129 Humbercrest Blvd

Natural garden.

71 Indian Rd

Natural garden has two Norway maples.

23 Kenworthy Ave

Natural garden located in the front yard.

265 Lawrence Ave E

Natural garden.

74 Lowther Ave

Natural garden consisting of wildflowers, shrubs, perennials and grasses.

67 Lunness Rd

Natural garden with a combination of flowers, shrubs, grasses.

76 Lyall Ave

Natural pollinator garden as well as service berries around the house.

179 Lord Seaton Rd

Natural garden.

8 Machockie Rd

Natural Garden

18 Main St.

Natural garden

45 Major St

Natural garden located in the front with dwarf pine, climbing roses, daylilies, periwinkle, lemon balm and golden rod.  In the back there is golden rod, a tall maple and hazelnut bushes

54 Maresfield Dr

Natural garden

114 Margueretta St

Natural garden with apple tree and a green creeper cover.  There is also a grape vine lifted on an arbor with mint, some flowers and purple-glowering green creeper cover.

250 Melrose Ave

Natural garden with lots of native plants.

153 Mercury Rd

Natural garden.

15 Mervyn Ave

Natural garden.

21 Midburn Ave

Natural garden with a mix of shrubs and herbaceous perennials, which include wild bergamot, New England aster, black-eyed susan, purple cone flower, Canada goldenrod, common milkweed, lilac, butterfly milkweed etc.

208 Montrose Ave

Natural garden consisting of rose bushes, shrubs and natural tall grasses.

69 Montvale Dr

Natural garden with a mix of shrubs and herbaceous perennials such as mint, hosta, rhubarb, asiatic lily, wild strawberry, sunflowers and others.

6 Neilson Ave

Natural garden

5 Northcliffe Blvd

Natural garden for bees and butterflies consisting of wildflowers.

23 Oakdene Cres

Natural garden with shrubs, vines, perennial flowers such as tigerlily and violets.

84 Old Sheppard Ave

Natural garden in front and rear yards, with a mix of shrubs and perennials and some tall stands of goldenrod.

39 Orchard Park Blvd.

Natural garden

2 O'Connor Dr

Natural garden in the front yard contains natural grasses and plants native to Ontario.

10 Page Ave

Natural garden.

27 Paramount Court

Natural garden

360 Patricia Ave

Natural garden.

275-277 Park Lawn Rd

Natural garden.

11 Penhurst Ave.

Natural garden

76 Phillip Ave

Natural garden

73 Pine Cres

Natural garden.

48 Pinecone Dr

Natural garden contains a mix of shrubs and herbaceous perennials.

47 Priscilla Ave

Natural garden.

63 Robina Ave

Natural garden located in the front lawn and includes perennials and grasses.

116 Roebuck Dr

Natural Garden

7 Ronald Ave

Natural garden with shrubs, trees and perennials.

43 Rossburn Dr

Natural garden.

539 Rouge Hills Drive

Natural Garden

36 Royalavon Cres

Natural garden with a ix of shrubs and herbaceous perennials consisting of variety of native plant species.

330 Rumsey Rd

Natural garden with trees, shrubs, hibicus tree, lilac bush, hostas, japanese maple, ornamental pear, and wild grass.

22 Sandcliff Rd

Natural garden.

18 Senator Blvd

Natural garden in front yard has a mix of perennials and shrubs.  Rear yard also has a mix of trees, shrubs and perennials.

58 Servington Cres

Natural garden consisting of daylilies, dogwood and other native plants.

157 Sloane Ave

Natural garden in the front yard.

211 St Germaine Ave

Natural garden.

59 Stevenharris Dr

Natural garden located in the back yard.

225 Symington Ave

Natural garden.

1 Tiffany Court

Natural garden.

90 Twenty Seventh St

Natural garden.

70 Vauxhall Dr

Natural garden in front and back yard consisting of perennials, hostas, and flowers.

22 Villa Rd.

Natural garden

58 Waterbury Dr.

Natural garden

42 West Ave.

Natural garden

431 Whitmore Ave

Natural garden with roses, bushes and flowers designed to attract birds, butterflies and bees.

455 Willard Ave

Natural garden.

187 Woodycrest Ave

Natural gardens containing a mix of shrubs and herbaceous perennials including lavender, hosta, climbing hydrangea, cosmos, asters, vinca, bergenia, columbine, milkweed, sedum, goutweed, spiderwort, and lily-of-the-valley.