Parents/caregivers have many questions about their baby.  Here is some information on what to expect in the first few months including childcare options that you may need to consider if needed.

What to Expect During the First Few Months

Recovery and Rest

  • It will take time to recover from your labour and delivery experience.
  • Try to sleep/rest when your baby sleeps. You also need to take care of yourself.
  • Limit the number of visitors or specify a time that will be best for them to visit.


Emotional Health

  • A few days after your baby is born you might feel sad, or anxious and cry
  • Be patient and calm as you and your little one get to know each other.


  • Involve your partner with diaper changes, bathing, burping, cuddling and holding your baby skin-to-skin.
  • Accept help from others. Resist the temptation to catch-up on chores all on your own.
  • Learn about parenting programs available in your community.

Choosing Childcare

During baby’s first year, you may wonder about childcare services. Childcare services can be provided in licensed childcare centres and private homes.

Things to consider:

  • what is available
  • location
  • cost
  • child-friendly activities
  • healthy meals and snacks

Most important is that your child will be happy and has a warm, familiar person to care for them while you are not with them.  For detailed information on daycare services visit Toronto Children’s Services.