A relationship with your child is the heart of healthy child development.


Healthy social and emotional development in children include a child’s ability to:

  • Maintain friendships and enjoy the company of others
  • Manage feelings of frustration and disappointment
  • Take care of someone who has been hurt
  • Feel confident

Helping Your Child Respond to Stress

Children can experience stress too! Learning how to deal with everyday stress in a healthy way is an important and a normal part of your child’s healthy development.

Every child experiences stress differently and its effect may depend on your child’s temperament and the kind of support they receive. Your child may not be able to know and tell you when they are feeling stressed. Some signs of stress in children:

  • physical symptoms (headaches, stomach aches)
  • emotional and behavioural changes (anger, whining, worrying, withdrawing)

To learn more about the effect of stress in young children visit the Centre on the Developing Child  or register for the Kids Have Stress Too program.