The Aboriginal Affairs Advisory Committee (AAAC) is one of Toronto’s Council Advisory Bodies, established by Council and which typically includes Council Members and the public. The AAAC and other Council Advisory Bodies follow similar processes, provide advice to City Council, and are one of many ways the City engages the public and subject matter experts on City and Council priorities.
In early 2023, City Council proposed a new approach for the AAAC for the Council term and sought input from Indigenous communities on how this committee could work. The AAAC has operated in the same way for many years, and during the last Council term some AAAC members and Indigenous community members requested changes to the committee, including its membership and how it provides advice.
  • From February to June 2023, an Indigenous consultant conducted interviews with past AAAC members. The Consultant’s findings and recommendations are contained in this report.
  • Indigenous community members and the general public were engaged through an online survey and in-person meetings. Findings and recommendations from these engagements are contained in this report.
On May 22, 2024, City Council adopted new Terms of Reference (2024.EX14.9) for an Aboriginal Affairs Advisory Committee for the 2022-2026 Council term.