The Aboriginal Affairs Advisory Committee (AAAC) is one of Toronto’s Council Advisory Bodies, established by Council and which typically includes Council Members and the public. The AAAC and other Council Advisory Bodies follow similar processes, provide advice to City Council, and are one of many ways the City engages the public and subject matter experts on City and Council priorities.

City Council has proposed a new approach for the AAAC for this Council term and is seeking input from Indigenous communities on how this committee could work. The AAAC has operated in the same way for many years, and during the last Council term some AAAC members and Indigenous community members requested changes to the committee, including its membership and how it provides advice.

From February to June 2023, Indigenous facilitators engaged past AAAC members and interested community members through interviews, in-person sessions and an online survey. The general public were also invited to offer input through the online survey. The facilitators will present findings and recommendations to the City Manager, who will consider next steps.

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Drop-In Sessions

Indigenous community members were invited to join in-person sessions on the following dates and times:

  • May 30 at 2-Spirited People of the First Nations (105 – 145 Front St. E.)
  • June 13 at Regent Park Community Centre (402 Shuter St.)

Participants were invited to reflect on and provide insights on:

  • Western and Indigenous governance practices;
  • Specific aspects and challenges of current municipal processes;
  • Solutions to achieve a desired level of influence; and
  • Changes Toronto could make when establishing this advisory body.

Online Survey

An online survey was open to all members of the public, and explored the same topics as will be discussed at the drop-in sessions. The survey is now closed.

A report on the drop-in sessions and survey will be available soon.