The Bathurst Manor Neighbourhood Mobility Plan (NMP) will identify, prioritize and recommend short-, medium-, and long-term improvements to traffic operations and road design to support safety for all modes of transportation, including people walking, cycling and driving.

The Bathurst Manor NMP will address three areas of concern:

  1. Road safety for vulnerable road users (e.g. seniors, school children, people walking and cycling)
  2. Excessive speeding
  3. Cut-through traffic from outside the neighbourhood

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Update #2 (April 7, 2022): Consultation Report and Upcoming Second Round of Consultation

City staff have collected and analyzed feedback from the first round of consultation, including the first Local Advisory Committee (LAC) meeting, the first Virtual Public Meeting, the Social Pinpoint Map, and emails and phone calls.

A second round of consultation is targeted to begin in late 2022.

Consultation Report

Download and read the Consultation Report for the first phase of the Bathurst Manor Neighbourhood Mobility Plan (NMP).

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Update #1 (October 27, 2021): First Virtual Public Meeting

The City of Toronto invited residents to learn more about the Bathurst Manor Neighbourhood Mobility Plan (NMP) and provide feedback on the traffic, speeding and road safety improvements.

Virtual Public Meeting

The first Virtual Public Meeting was held on the evening of November 17, 2021.



Map of Bathurst Manor Neighbourhood Mobility Plan Area. North boundary is Finch Avenue West. East boundary is Bathurst Street. South Boundary is Sheppard Avenue West. West boundary is Dufferin Street. For more information, contact

What is a Neighbourhood Mobility Plan (NMP)?

In 2019 North York Community Council directed City staff to work with the community to develop a comprehensive plan to address community concerns. City staff will use a holistic approach to assess and manage traffic issues within the neighbourhood. The NMP will consider all modes of transportation, with an emphasis on improving conditions for vulnerable road users.

Historically, traffic management issues have been addressed by making changes to a particular street or intersection. Instead of making one specific change, a NMP employs a broader, neighbourhood perspective to develop integrated solutions that, together, support local objectives for mobility. Through an NMP approach, the City works with local communities and neighbourhoods to identify short-term improvements that can be implemented in one to five years, as well as a longer-term vision for projects 5+ years into the future.

Study Process

The Bathurst Manor NMP will use the following process:

Bathurst Manor Neighbourhood Mobility Plan study process. We are in the public consultation Fall 2021 phase (Clarify problems, gather feedback on proposed interim 'quick win' improvements. Phase 2 is implement 'quick win' improvements supported by community. Phase 3 is identify potential long-term improvements. Phase 4 is gather public feedback on proposed long-term improvements. Final phase is finalize a plan for Bathurst Manor (2-10+ year implementation). For more information contact

LAC = Local Advisory Committee

The participation of local residents and stakeholders is essential to identifying appropriate and effective traffic, speeding and road safety improvements for the neighbourhood.

Following the first Virtual Public Meeting, the NMP process will continue, which involves identifying and implementing ‘quick win’ improvements supported by the community. Long-term improvements will be proposed at a second public meeting for feedback. Once completed, a final Bathurst Manor plan (2-10+ year implementation) will be shared on this project web page.