December 2023 Update: North York Community Council approved the Bathurst Manor NMP on November 14, 2023 with amendments. Information about the decisions can be found under NY9.20 and NY9.22. Consideration of five proposed speed hump locations and a proposed one-way section on Kennard Avenue will be resubmitted for consideration at the April 2, 2024 North York Community Council meeting.

The Bathurst Manor Neighbourhood Mobility Plan (NMP) will identify, prioritize and recommend short-, medium-, and long-term improvements to traffic operations and road design to support safety for all modes of transportation, including pedestrians and people driving and cycling.

The Bathurst Manor NMP will address three areas of concern:

  1. Road safety for vulnerable road users (e.g. seniors, school children, pedestrians and people cycling)
  2. Excessive speeding
  3. Cut-through traffic using neighbourhood streets as a by-pass route

The Bathurst Manor NMP is being coordinated with recent work to install and upgrade bikeways in the neighbourhood  to improve safety and provide more mobility options, including Wilmington Avenue bikeways approved by City Council in December 2021 at the conclusion of ActiveTO, and planned work on Overbrook Place and Maxwell Street.

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September 2023: Phase 2 Public Consultation

Consultation on the proposed Bathurst Manor NMP was held in Fall 2023.

Phase 2 Consultation Report

Public Drop-In Event and Survey

A public drop-in event was held on September 27th, 2023 at Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda Synagogue which included a presentation and Q&A period. Participants were invited to review information about the NMP and leave feedback with staff.

A survey seeking feedback on the proposed actions was also available from September 14th to October 11th, 2023.


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Need assistance? While we aim to provide fully accessible content, there is no text alternative available for some of the content on this page. If you require alternate formats or need assistance understanding our maps, drawings, or any other content, please contact us at 416-392-8833 or

Local Advisory Committee (LAC meeting)

A meeting of the Local Advisory Committee for the Bathurst Manor NMP was held on September 11, 2023. A summary of feedback from this meeting can be found in the Phase 2 Consultation Report.

Previous Consultation Materials:

Map of Bathurst Manor Neighbourhood Mobility Plan Area. North boundary is Finch Avenue West. East boundary is Bathurst Street. South Boundary is Sheppard Avenue West. West boundary is Dufferin Street. For more information, contact

What is a Neighbourhood Mobility Plan (NMP)?

In 2019 North York Community Council directed City staff to work with the community to develop a comprehensive plan to address community concerns. City staff will use a holistic approach to assess and manage traffic issues within the neighbourhood. The NMP will consider all modes of transportation, with an emphasis on improving conditions for vulnerable road users.

Historically, traffic management issues have been addressed by making changes to a particular street or intersection. Instead of making one specific change, a NMP employs a broader, neighbourhood perspective to develop integrated solutions that, together, support local objectives for mobility. Through an NMP approach, the City works with local communities and neighbourhoods to identify short-term improvements that can be implemented in one to five years, as well as a longer-term vision for projects 5+ years into the future.

Study Process

The Bathurst Manor NMP will use the following process:

Process map outlining the different steps in the BMP process. It shows that we are currently at the Public Consultation stage. Next steps include approval by North York Community Council, followed by implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

The participation of local residents and stakeholders is essential to identifying appropriate and effective traffic, speeding and road safety improvements for the neighbourhood. Consultation will involve meetings with the Bathurst Manor Local Advisory Committee (LAC), a committee of local residents who have been engaged on issues of mobility and safety in the neighbourhood. There will also be meetings and surveys open to all residents.

Following the first Virtual Public Meeting, the NMP process identified and implemented ‘quick win’ improvements supported by the community, such as edge lines and geometric safety improvements. Long-term improvements will be proposed at the upcoming drop-in meeting for feedback. Once completed, a final Bathurst Manor plan (2-10+ year implementation) will be shared on this project web page.

The Wilmington Avenue bikeway was first installed as part of the ActiveTO program in 2020, and was made permanent in 2021 by City Council.

In Summer 2023, the City resurfaced Wilmington Avenue from Kennard Avenue to Overbrook Place, and from Cavotti Crescent to Finch Avenue West due to the condition of the road, sidewalk and curbs. This project was scheduled as part of the Council-approved Capital Works Program to renew aging City roads, bikeways and sidewalk for current and future needs.

When possible, the City bundles road reconstruction work with bikeway installation and upgrades to reduce disruption to residents and minimize costs. Upgrades to the Wilmington Avenue bikeway included raised bike lanes at transit stops.

This work supports the City’s Vision Zero Action Plan and the objectives of the Bathurst Manor Neighbourhood Mobility Plan to improve safety for vulnerable road users.

What is a raised bike lane?

New raised bike lane with green and white pavement markings that read "Do not pass open doors".
Example of a raised bike lane on Wilmington

At TTC bus stops and pick-up/drop off locations the bike lane rises to curb level.  People cycling are required to yield to passengers loading or unloading from vehicles and can travel through the boarding area when no loading or unloading activities are taking place. These shared bikeway and loading zones provide more space and accessible boarding zones for bus riders, while maintaining a clear pedestrian path on the sidewalk.

What is the purpose of the raised bike lanes?

Raised bike lanes have several benefits:

  • Improve safety for people cycling by preventing buses and cars from crossing into the bike lane
  • Improve accessibility for bus passengers by allowing the bus to stop along the curb and providing a wide boarding platform
  • Make it easier for buses to safely re-enter traffic after stopping

What is the impact to pick-up and drop-offs in front of Charles H. Best Junior Middle School and Wilmington Elementary School?

Along with the installation of the raised bike lanes, the City has now designated a pick-up and drop-off area in front of Charles H. Best Junior Middle School and Wilmington Elementary School. Prior to these changes, there was no officially designated pick-up and drop-off area along Wilmington Avenue in front of either school.

How should different road users behave at raised platforms?

If the bus is preparing to stop or has already opened its doors, people cycling should stop behind the bus and wait for passengers to load or unload before proceeding.

Bus passengers should check to their right before disembarking from the bus.

Passengers waiting at the bus stop should avoid standing in the marked bike lane area until the bus has pulled up to the stop and cyclists have stopped.

How is bikeway installation coordinated with the Bathurst Manor NMP?

Bikeways support the objectives of the Bathurst Manor NMP by improving safety for people cycling and adding new mobility options to the neighbourhood. Existing and planned bikeways are shown in the Bathurst Manor NMP to help residents see the full scope of mobility improvements planned for the neighbourhood. Cycling routes are planned on a city-wide basis and approved separately by City Council as part of the City’s Cycling Network Plan, and often installed in coordination with planned road work to reduce costs and disruptions for residents.

  • Wilmington Avenue Bikeway. This bikeway was installed as part of the ActiveTO program in 2020 and made permanent by Council in 2021, predating the launch of the Bathurst Manor NMP process. Most recently, the bikeway was upgraded to include new pavement markings and raised cycle tracks at transit stops, as part of planned road reconstruction work.
  • Overbrook and Maxwell Street Bikeways. These bikeways were approved by Council in 2021 and are identified in the Near-Term Implementation Program for installation in the 2022-2024 period. The bikeways will offer an east-west connection through the neighbourhood, connecting to existing or planned bikeways. Information about the bikeways will be shared as part of the Bathurst Manor NMP consultation process, and there will be additional public consultation on the design of these bikeways in early 2024. Residents will receive updates by mail and email when more information is ready.