There are two phases of public consultation for the current stage of design, referred to as the functional 10 per cent design stage.


The purpose of Phase One consultation was to re-introduce the project, provide an update on the separate service and gather feedback on LRT stop preferences, station user experience, and public realm components as part of the functional 10 per cent design.

Phase One consultation was a preliminary step in preparing for the required Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP) Environmental Project Report (EPR).

The feedback period for Phase One is now closed. Three virtual public meetings were held in June 2023. Each meeting included a presentation and Question & Answer period with project staff.

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The purpose of Phase Two consultation is to gather feedback from the public as part of the Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP) and Environmental Project Report (EPR) required by the province. The TPAP documents the natural, social, cultural and economic impacts of the project.

Public consultation for the TPAP is expected in 2024.

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