Council Endorsement

On May 11, 2022, City Council endorsed the Final Preferred TMP Network and has authorized the City to begin the next steps to implement the TMP, with two amendments.

You can find more information about the City’s decision here: Item IE29.4

You can watch the video of City Council meeting from the Toronto City Council and Committees web page or the City of Toronto’s YouTube channel Opens in new window.

IEC Endorses Staff Report

On April 26, 2022, Infrastructure and Environment Committee (IEC) endorsed IE29.4 – staff recommendations to endorse the Final Preferred TMP Network.

Development of Network Alternatives

Transportation Network Alternatives were developed by reviewing, refining, bundling and evaluating shortlisted solutions previously presented at stakeholder and public engagement in June 2020.

Evaluation of Network Alternatives

Each of the Transportation Network Alternatives was comprehensively evaluated using an evidence-based approach to identify a Preliminary Preferred Network. The evaluation was also informed by stakeholder and public input received from local residents and businesses. An overview of the Evaluation Criteria is described below:

Icon Thematic Area Evaluation Criteria
Policy Frameworks
  • City of Toronto: Official Plan, mobility policies, guidelines, climate change, resiliency
  • Provincial Policies: Growth Plan
Safe & Healthy Communities
  • Safe & Active, Green & Vibrant Streets
  • Neighbourhood Connectivity & Choice
  • Multi Modal: Auto Traffic, Transit, Walking, & Cycling
  • Gardiner Traffic Infiltration
Natural Environment
  • Environmentally Sensitive Features
  • Stormwater & Groundwater Quality
  • Air Quality
Cultural Environment
  • Archaeological & Indigenous Communities Rights
  • Built and Cultural Heritage
Social Equity
  • Affordability
  • Access to Opportunity & Daily Life
Economic & Financial Considerations
  • Engineering Feasibility & Constructability
  • Construction & Operating Costs & Noise
  • Property Impacts & Business Impacts
  • Goods Movement & Delivery

Evaluation Summary

The results of the evaluation for each of the Transportation Network Alternatives are summarized in the table below. The Preliminary Preferred Network Alternative is Network 4B Neighbourhood Main Streets with 4-lane Lake Shore.

Evaluation Criteria Alternative 1 Alternative 2 Alternative 3 Alternative 4A Alternative 4B Alternative 4C
Policy Framework Screened out
Safe & Healthy Communities Screened out
Mobility Screened out
Natural Environment Screened out
Cultural Environment Screened out
Social Equity Screened out
Economic & Financial Considerations Screened out
Overall Screened out

Final Preferred Network

Park Lawn Lake Shore Transportation Master Plan Network Alternative 4B Neighbourhood Main Streets with 4-lane Lake Shore
Park Lawn Lake Shore Transportation Master Plan Network Alternative 4B Neighbourhood Main Streets with 4-lane Lake Shore

The Final Preferred Network Alternative is Network Alternative 4B Neighbourhood Main Streets with 4-lane Lake Shore. Network Alternative 4B provides area transportation improvements needed to address existing and future issues using a comprehensive evaluation approach:

  • Provides a connected multi-modal transportation network that accommodates all transportation users, and prioritizes transit use, walking and cycling
  • Provides three new street connections (Street A, Legion Road Extension and New North-South Street) that will improve travel connectivity, circulation and help overcome Gardiner Expressway and rail corridor physical barriers
  • Provides excellent walking and cycling connectivity and more compact intersections to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety
  • Supports the long term build-out of the Christie’s site
  • Improves community access to higher-order transit and improves streetcar priority
  • Help reduce neighbourhood traffic infiltration impacts from the Gardiner Expressway

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