Stay up to date on key study milestones and opportunities to get involved. Your contact information will be kept private, and will only be used to share information about the Park Lawn Lake Shore Transportation Master Plan.


We invite you to join us in helping shape the future of transportation options in the Park Lawn Lake Shore community.

Send in feedback via email, phone, mail, or online survey

You can email or call in your comments and ask questions. All information received will be recorded and reviewed by the project team. At different points in the Study, online feedback forms (surveys) will be available to collect responses on key issues.

Attend an event in-person

There will be public events at key study milestones where you can come out and learn more about the Study, speak with City staff, and discuss questions and concerns in person. In choosing locations to host public events, the City seeks venues that are within or as close to the study area as possible that meet the accessibility, availability, equipment, and capacity requirements.

Information about public events is circulated via:

Advertisement in Etobicoke South Guardian and Bloor West Villager
Flyer delivery to residents and businesses in the Study Area
Email updates the project email list
Email to local residents organizations, community groups, and businesses

We acknowledge that there are a high number of resident groups and community organizations in the Park Lawn Lake Shore area. Given staff capacity and available resources, individual meetings are not possible and group meetings will be held to convene various stakeholders as required.

Phase 1 Consultation

Phase 1 public events took place in fall 2016. The next public events will take place in 2020. The topics for public consultation events is outlined below:

Public Event 1: Introduce Study and identify issues and opportunities in the Study Area
Public Event 2: Review alternative solutions and evaluation criteria
Public Event 3: Review results of the evaluation process


Phase 1 Consultation Report

Stakeholder Meeting 1 Summary Report

These documents may not be fully accessible. For accessible formats or communications support, please contact: Robyn Shyllit, Sr. Public Consultation Coordinator. Telephone: 416-392-3358 Email: