The Park Lawn Road and Lake Shore Boulevard West area has grown significantly over the past 20 years. During this time, the area’s transportation network has remained relatively unchanged. Limited options to connect to destinations has resulted in increased traffic congestion. With additional growth anticipated in the future, transportation improvements are needed to support better travel options for walking, cycling, taking transit and driving.

In response to these challenges, City Council directed Transportation Services, in consultation with the Chief Planner and Executive Director, to report to the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee on the scope, timing, and costs of undertaking a Transportation Master Plan for the Park Lawn and Lake Shore area.

Following the TMP launch in 2016, the project team continued to study existing and future traffic conditions. The TMP was put on hold following Phase 1 until a final decision was reached on the land use of the Christie’s Site. Future public meetings and stakeholder consultations will convey relevant information on how these two studies are aligned.