For Parents and Legal Guardians

Toronto Public Health will be visiting 428 schools this year to provide free vaccination to Grade 7 students.

Please watch for the consent package. It is sent home with the students in early September. Parents should return the signed consent form, even if you choose not to have your child vaccinated. This will avoid repeated forms being sent to your home. The meningococcal-quadrivalent vaccine is a requirement for school attendance, or having a valid exemption.

The consent form is available in both English and French.

The three vaccines available at your child’s school are:

Please note that if you choose to get the vaccines at your doctor’s office, the estimated cost for three doses of human papillomavirus vaccine is $550 to $600. The meningococcal vaccine can be purchased for approximately $125 a dose.

HPV Vaccination Research Findings

Since 2007, 99 countries and territories have human papillomavirus vaccination programs. A Canadian researcher published a study in the Lancet showing strong evidence that human papillomavirus vaccination prevents infections, genital and anal warts, and precancerous lesion at a population level. The impacts were seen in both females and males. This is further evidence that human papillomavirus vaccination will have a significant impact on preventing cancer and warts.

Parents should return the signed consent form to their child’s school by September 16, 2019. Plan ahead. Talk to your child about the vaccination. Explore ways for staying calm.

Find the date of your child’s school clinic here.

If your child misses the first round of school clinics, there will be a second round in the spring of 2020.

High school students who missed the meningococcal and hepatitis B vaccines are still eligible for the free vaccines through our community clinics. High school female students are also eligible for the HPV vaccine series. Make an appointment online.

Choose one of the following options:

  • Report online (also allows you to see your child’s immunization records online.)
  • Call us at 416-392-1250

To reduce barriers, we offer:

  • interpreter services for when you call in
  • free translation of student foreign immunization records for students new to Toronto
  • a free downloadable app to keep your family’s immunization records all in one place
  • free immunization clinics for students without a health card

Students without the required vaccines will receive two notices asking for updated immunization information. To avoid school suspension, please report your child’s immunization, every time they receive a vaccine or booster.