Toronto continues to be in the midst of a drug toxicity crisis. The unregulated drug supply is unpredictable, increasingly toxic, and currently dominated by fentanyl. The unregulated fentanyl supply contains varying concentrations of fentanyl, as well as unexpected drugs such as benzodiazepines.

Toronto Public Health is taking action to prevent overdose deaths, and operates the city’s first supervised consumption service, providing a safer environment for people to inject their own drugs under the supervision of trained health professionals.

We also worked with community partners to develop the Toronto Overdose Action Plan. This plan, approved by the Board of Health in March 2017 and updated in June 2019, includes a comprehensive set of actions for all orders of government to prevent and respond to drug overdoses. Toronto Public Health continuously provides recommendations to the Board of Health on actions to address the drug poisoning crisis, which further intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prevent & Respond to Overdose

Learn how to prevent, recognize and respond to an overdose.

Naxolone Distribution

Where to find naloxone kits and get training.

Toronto Overdose Information System (TOIS)

Timely information on overdose activity with a focus on opioids.

Supporting People Who Use Drugs

Learn more about substance use and how to be supportive and respectful of family members, friends, colleagues and clients who use drugs.

Integrated Prevention and Harm Reduction (iPHARE) Initiative

Learn about the City’s efforts to reduce the risk of opioid-related deaths in Toronto’s shelter system.

What Your Agency Can Do

Find out what your organization can do to support people who use drugs and how to become a naloxone distributor.

What Your Business Can Do

Find out what your business can do to help create safe spaces for staff and patrons during the overdose crisis.