A three-storey modular housing building is planned for 175 Cummer Ave. to be located next to Willowdale Manor. Each of the approximately 59 studio apartments would be self-contained with a twin bed, a private eat-in kitchen and a bathroom. The building would also include a laundry facility, a kitchen and dining room, program space and administrative offices. The building is designed to support individuals who are exiting homelessness. A local non-profit housing provider will manage the building and provide support services to the tenants under an agreement with the City.

Learn more about the modular housing initiative in Toronto and the proposal in Willowdale.

Review the Site Plan Application details.

Read the final staff report and the community engagement summary report.

Preliminary artist’s rendering of the modular building – Looking east on Cummer Avenue. Final design subject to approval.
Preliminary artist’s rendering of the modular building – Looking west on Cummer Avenue. Final design subject to approval.
Preliminary artist’s rendering of the modular building – Front entrance looking east. Final design subject to approval.
Preliminary artist’s rendering of the modular building – Front entrance looking east. Final design subject to approval.


Two community virtual engagement sessions have been completed with Councillor John Filion and City staff to provide additional information about the proposed project and answer your questions.


Tuesday April 6, 2021 at 7 pm

If you are unable to participate in the meeting or have other questions and feedback you can contact the Community Liaison Office or the Councillor’s Office using the contact information provided below:

Community Liaison Office                             
Leah Snowden, LURA Consulting
Councillor John Filion
Ward 18, Willowdale


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What is supportive housing (or housing with support services)?

Supportive housing is a combination of deeply affordable housing and on-site supports that enable people to live as independently as possible. Supportive housing can help people stabilize their lives, help them stay housed and positively contribute to communities. Learn more about supportive housing here. 

Project Announcement

Two sites that are part of the City’s modular housing initiative were formally announced on Tuesday, February 23  and stakeholder and community outreach started the same day. As part of the ongoing community engagement process meeting notices were distributed via Canada Post to more than 1,300 residents in the area starting on February 23.  This is part of phase 2 of the modular housing initiative initially approved by City Council in April 2020,  through which Council approved creation of 250 modular supportive homes on City-owned sites in 2020 and 2021, using Council approved criteria to select the sites. City staff were directed by Council to identify and expedite the development of modular supportive housing to alleviate pressures on the shelter system during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Consideration by City Council

An initial Planning report will be considered by Planning and Housing Committee on March 2 and City Council on March 10, which will be the first of two reports on the site. The second report, which will included feedback from the March community engagement meeting, is scheduled to be considered by Planning and Housing Committee on May 20 and City Council at the June 8 meeting.

The location of the modular building in relation to Willowdale Manor

The parcel of land where the new modular site will be located currently shares the same address as TCHC’s Willowdale Manor (175 cummer) until it is assigned a new address closer to the completion of the project. The Willowdale Manor building will remain for the foreseeable future.

Impact on the Existing Trees

The proposal will require some private trees located in the private green space to be removed, some existing trees to be preserved and protected, and some new replacement trees in accordance with the City’s Urban Forestry standards. A Landscape Plan has been provided demonstrating the location and species of new tree plantings, including large growing tree species, as compensation for tree removal. The Landscape Plan will be implemented upon completion of the construction.

Current Status
Future Status