On May 24, the labour disruption impacting equipment operators (including construction cranes) was resolved. As a result, craning activity at 540 Cedarvale Ave will resume on Thursday, May 26. An updated development schedule will be shared with the community on this webpage as soon as it is available.

There are more than 8,000 people experiencing homelessness in Toronto. Learn more about why supportive housing is so important from the people who live and work there by watching this video.

To respond to this urgent need, the City of Toronto is building a three-storey modular housing building at the lot at the corner of Trenton and Cedarvale Ave. Each of the approximately 59 studio apartments will be self-contained with a twin bed, a private eat-in kitchen and bathroom. The building will also include a laundry facility, a kitchen and dining room, program space and administrative offices. The building is designed to support individuals who are exiting homelessness. A local non-profit housing provider will manage the building and provide support services to the tenants under an agreement with the City. The City expects to select the operator from the recent Request for Proposals in May 2022.

Learn more by reading Trenton/Cedarvale Project Factsheet – March 2021.

Mayor Tory, Deputy Mayor Bailao, Councillor Bradford, and MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith observe the craning of modules into place at 540 Cedarvale Ave.
Mayor Tory, Deputy Mayor Bailao, Councillor Bradford, and MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith observe the craning of modules into place at 540 Cedarvale Ave.
Image of module being craned into place at the craning event for 540 Cedavale Avenue on April 28, 2022.
Module is craned into place at the craning event for 540 Cedavale Avenue on April 28, 2022.


Community Updates

After a temporary pause, construction activity is now resuming on-site at Trenton/Cedarvale. For more information about next steps in construction, and for other updates, please read the community update below, and see the construction milestone schedule:

If you have questions or concerns about construction, please contact the City’s Project Manager, Dennis Chow, at Dennis.Chow@toronto.ca or at 416-392-6066.

Past Community Updates:

Alternative Parking Options

62 parking spots have been secured nearby to help replace the parking spots lost as a result of the new development, including:

  • 33 parking spots at Parkside Elementary School will be available on evenings, weekends, and school holidays, starting when construction begins.
  • 14 additional parking spots created at the Taylor Creek parking lot at the end of Haldon Avenue in August.
  • 15 additional on-street parking has been made available on Ventnor Ave. and Cedarvale Ave. in September.

A graph showing a map of the Trenton and Cedarvale site and the alternative parking options at Parkside Public School, Taylor Creek Park, and on-street parking on Ventnor Ave. and Cedar Ave (starting this fall)

Three virtual community engagement sessions were held with Councillor Brad Bradford and City staff to provide additional information about the proposed project and answer your questions. Due to COVID-19 safety requirements, the community engagement meetings for this project were held online:

Wednesday March 17, 2021 at 7 pm
Monday May 3, 2021 at 7 pm

Frequently Asked Questions gathered as part of the public meetings on March 8 and 17, 2021.

Supportive Housing (or Housing with Support Services)

Supportive housing is a combination of deeply affordable housing and on-site supports that enable people to live as independently as possible. Supportive housing can help people stabilize their lives, help them stay housed and positively contribute to communities. Learn more about supportive housing here. 

Project Announcement

Two sites that are part of the City’s modular housing initiative were formally announced on Tuesday, February 23  and stakeholder and community outreach started the same day. As part of the ongoing community engagement process meeting notices were distributed via Canada Post to more than 1,300 residents in the area starting on February 23.  This is part of phase 2 of the modular housing initiative initially approved by City Council in April 2020,  through which Council approved creation of 250 modular supportive homes on City-owned sites in 2020 and 2021, using Council approved criteria to select the sites. City staff were directed by Council to identify and expedite the development of modular supportive housing to alleviate pressures on the shelter system during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Community Safety is Our Shared Priority

Based on experience here in Toronto and other communities where there is supportive housing, we do not anticipate any increased community safety issues in the neighbourhood as a result of the
new housing. The property will be managed by experienced non‑profit housing providers who will be responsible for responding to community concerns related to the building. The City will continue to work with the selected housing providers after the residents move in.

Working with Neighbours Toward a Successful Project

The City is committed to working with the local community throughout every stage of development and after the building opens. We encourage neighbours to share their interests and priorities for the site, provide feedback on building and site design elements such as lighting, pathways and landscaping, and offer suggestions for how these new homes could benefit both the new
residents and the neighbourhood.

How to Apply to Live in This Building

There is not an application process or waitlist for this building. Tenants for these homes will be identified using a prioritization-based approach to connect people experiencing homelessness to this permanent housing opportunity. The City and the selected non-profit housing provider will coordinate the tenant identification process in partnership with street outreach, shelter, 24-hr respite, and hotel/motel program providers.

If you are in need of housing, you can visit the Finding Housing webpage.

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