Open air burning includes bonfires, fire pits, sky lanterns and the use of various types of outdoor fireplaces (also known as a “Chiminea”). Although outdoor fireplaces can be purchased at retail outlets throughout the city, it does not mean open air burning is permitted for their use.

Open air burning is not permitted. Exceptions to open air burning require a permit and are found below under the tab Open Air Burn Permit and Cultural Fire Authorization.

(1) Open-air burning shall not take place unless
(a) it has been approved, or
(b) the open-air burning consists of a small, confined fire that is

(i) used to cook food on a grill, barbecue or spit,
(ii) commensurate with the type and quantity of food being cooked, and

(iii) supervised at all times.

(2) Sentence (1) does not apply to the use of an appliance that
(a) meets the requirements of the Technical Standards and Safety Act, 2000,

(b) is for outdoor use,

(c) if assembled, has been assembled in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, and

(d) if installed, has been installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

At no time is it permissible to burn leaves, rubbish or anything else that is not related to cooking as described above. Any open air burning that does not meet the above requirements in the Ontario Fire Code shall be extinguished.

There are some rare occasions where open-air burns are approved, examples of these would include:

  • Those conducted in designated areas within City Parks where an Event Letter permitting the burn is obtained from Parks, Forestry & Recreation.
  • Those conducted on private property for example, fire extinguisher training. Prior to issuance of an Open Air Burn Permit, Toronto Fire Services will conduct a site inspection.
  • Gas Fire Pits (Campfire Effect Units) are designed to operate with propane or natural gas. They are intended for outdoor use only, not for food preparation. In Toronto, patio campfire units that are ULC and CSA approved are deemed “approved” under the Fire Code provided they are supervised at all times, and operated in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions in a safe manner and the location is away from combustibles.

Note: Solid fuel burning appliances are unacceptable.

Requirements for Open Air Burn Permit and Cultural Fire Authorization. Prior to issuance of permits, Toronto Fire Services will conduct a site inspection.

Open Air Burn Permits:
Open Air Burn Permit is required for approval for purposes of compliance with Article of the Ontario Fire Code granted by the Fire Department for all other purposes other than specific cultural or religious practices, ceremonies, or events; including, but not limited to, film shoots, private events not associated with a specific cultural or religious practice, ceremony, or event, or general fire pits;

Under Chapter 441, open Air Burn Permits for Private commercial events will be charged $284.83 effective April 1 2023.

Cultural Fire Authorization Permits:
Approval for purposes of compliance with Article of the Ontario Fire Code granted by the Fire Department with respect to open air burning conducted as a cultural fire. A cultural fire is an open air burn conducted in connection with a specific cultural or religious practice, ceremony, or event;

Under Chapter 441 Cultural Fire Authorization would not be charged a user fee to the applicant seeking to oversee open-air burning as part of a cultural or religious practice, ceremony, or event.


If your web browser has issues with the “Open Air Burn Permit” or “Ceremonial Fire Information Form” fillable PDF it is recommended to download the forms and use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software to fill them in.

Open Air Burn Permit

Ceremonial Fire Information Form

For clarification or additional information regarding open air burning contact Fire Prevention Monday to Friday between 7:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m at:

North Command
Wards: 6-York Centre, 8-Eglinton-Lawrence, 15-Don Valley West, 16 Don Valley East, 17-Don Valley North, 18-Willowdale
5100 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON
M2N 5V7
Phone: 416-338-9150

East Command
Wards: 14-Toronto-Danforth, 19-Beaches-East York, 20-Scarborough Southwest, 21-Scarborough Centre, 22-Scarborough-Agincourt, 23-Scarborough North, 24-Scarborough-Guildwood, 25-Scarborough-Rouge Park
150 Borough Drive
Toronto, ON
M1P 4N7
Phone: 416-338-9250

South Command
Wards: 9-Davenport, 10-Spadina-Fort York, 11-University-Rosedale, 12-Toronto-St.Paul’s, 13-Toronto Centre
City Hall Gr Fl, W.,100 Queen St.West
Toronto, ON
M5H 2N2
Phone: 416-338-9350

West Command
Wards: 1-Etobicoke North, 2-Etobicoke Centre, 3-Etobicoke-Lakeshore, 4-Parkdale-High Park, 5-York South-Weston, 7-Humber River-Black Creek
399 The West Mall
Toronto, ON
M9C 2Y2
Phone: 416-338-9450

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