Do you want Toronto Paramedic Services to provide a spokesperson with an ambulance, an interactive cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) demonstration? Do you want a paramedic or emergency medical dispatcher to attend a student career day or make a presentation to your community group or at a public event?

For most public events, Toronto Paramedic Services depends on employee volunteers, particularly on evenings and weekends. Therefore, although we will do our best, the Service cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet your request.

To make a request, email and specify the type of presentation you desire:

  • General presentation about Toronto Paramedic Services
  • First aid/CPR demonstration
  • Paramedic with an ambulance to explain the profession
  • Emergency medical dispatcher/call taker to explain what to expect when calling 9‑1‑1  for a medical emergency
  • Senior (60+) focussed general presentation
  • Primary or secondary school focussed presentation
  • High school career focussed presentation