Artwork "Balance" by KC Adams
“Balance” by KC Adams

Artist: KC Adams

“Balance” is the working title for a new work by KC Adams that digitizes Indigenous knowledge through imagery and sound.

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The Project

The midewin, the Ojibway medicine people, would use birch bark and draw ‘medicine’ or ‘knowledge’ on the bark to help a person seeking advice. Adams proposes to use the image of birch bark and porcupine quills to create a modern version of knowledge that can be useful during this time of Covid-19 pandemic. It is a reminder of how we are all connected and how we can show love and kindness to one another. Adams is drawn to birch bark as a medium because of its aesthetic beauty, texture, and historical use by her ancestors. Adams incorporates symmetry to understate the importance of balance in nature. She creates work that references the past, places itself in the present, and looks to the future.

The Artist

KC Adams is a Winnipeg-based artist. She has participated in several solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, three biennales, and public art commissions, and is a published author. Her work is in permanent collections around the world. Adams was awarded the Winnipeg Arts Council’s Making A Mark Award and was a Canada’s Senate 150 medal recipient for her accomplishments with her “Perception Photo Series.”