Artwork by Jerry Evans
“Qalipu” by Jerry Evans

Artist: Jerry Evans

This work is communicating the importance of life through our animal relations

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The Project

The Qalipu (Caribou) have been our life givers since time immemorial. Only now in our time there seems to be the issue of their decline and possible demise. The consensus seems to be that it is due to our lack of stewardship of this land, this earth. The Qalipu, like the buffalo of Turtle Island, have been one of the main providers for all the Indigenous Peoples of our Northern territories on Turtle Island.

The Artist

Of this land, Jerry Evans is a Mi’kmaq artist born and raised in central Newfoundland. Evans works primarily as a painter and printmaker, but also brings together his experience in film, design, and traditional hand poke tattooing to reach beyond Western ideologies as a means of expression and gift exchange.