Treat your eyes and ears! Tune in to Nuit’s 12-hour live stream of screen-based artworks and archival images created by the Public Visualization Studio accompanied with soundscapes provided by special guests DJ Fizza, DJ Kookum, Odario and Ofield Williams and DJ KillaKels. Art and technology weave together in works ranging from video art to VR/360 film, 3D digital sculptures, live performances and a fashion exhibition, all created especially for this year’s online event.

Mana Moana art project for Nuit Blanche

Mana Moana

“Mana Moana Digital Ocean” brings together more than 20 leading Māori and Pacifica artists.

A Call to Kāinga

Alternative ways of moving through time and space, recalling and reclaiming ancestral philosophies of the Moana as a way forward.

Ka puna te wai, ko te kāwai puna

Celebrating the relationship between tūpuna and mokopuna, this work connects generations across oceans of time and space.


Featuring dancer Bianca Hyslop, with music by Paddy Free and taonga pūoro by Horomona Horo, is inspired by Hinemoana, the atua wahine of the moana.

Tauihu artifact against black background

Te Mauri

Te Maara Tuu Aatea Mutunga Kore: the celestial gardens of infinite space – Te Huirangi Eruera Waikerepuru.

Portrait of Hannah Bronte against a colourful background.


Employing the language and aesthetics of hip hop and popular culture, this music video environment harnesses female and Indigenous power.

A fragment from a video installation

Te rerenga pōuri o nga parawhenua ki Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa – 2019

Devastating impacts of land management policies on the Waiapu River region in Aotearoa over the past century.

A fragment from video project


Join Gloria Smith, an inadvertent time traveller, on a mission to travel back in time to stop transatlantic slavery.

Art project Zempoal by Nuit Blanche Online 2020 artist Culturans

Zempoal – A Flower Between Us

An online tour of a place designed to explore the cultural heritage of Mexico as embodied in the Day of the Dead.

Screenshot of a media project

#BlueGirl and SuperNova

Explore #BlueGirl and SuperNova art projects by Rah Eleh.

Art project


A twenty-two-day voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, documented by the artist via handheld Mini DV.

Art project for Nuit Blanche by Dr. Johnson Witehira


The “Tangiwai” artwork merges two world views in the reconstruction of the arrival of Europeans in the South Pacific.

Screenshot of an art project


A live performance filmed in a public park at sunset after the partial lifting of quarantine in Melbourne.


This body of work makes reference to a wide range of traditional knowledge learning protocols, practices, and systems.

A black park letter board with

Sisterhood Through Space

Explore the various places racialized and immigrant women form connections to each other.

A fragment from a video art project

Kissed by Lighting & TEKAHIONWAKE

Collection of Film Shorts – Kissed by Lighting & TEKAHIONWAKE - by Shelley Niro.

Art project

The Beauty Within

A VR music video by Halfbreed/Cree interdisciplinary artist Cheryl L’Hirondelle and friends.

Portrait of a woman from a fashion exhibition that features the work of seven Indigenous women artists working in fashion, craft and textiles from Canada, the USA, New Zealand and Norway.

Indigenous Fashion Week

Fashion exhibition featuring the work of seven Indigenous women artists working in fashion, craft and textiles.

Illustrated portrait of Dave Colangelo, Patricio Dávila, Immony Mèn, and Jonathan Silveira

Public Visualization Studio

This dynamic team creates and activates the historical archive for Nuit Blanche.

Portrait of DJ Fizza against white backdrop

DJ Fizza

Soundscapes that will be heard into the last hours of the evening with world and popular music vibes.

Portrait of DJ KOOKUM in sun glasses and a black hat against grey background.


A soundscape work that brings in her combination for EDM and hip-hop to create a new world order.

Black and white portrait of Killa Kels

DJ Killa Kels

One of Toronto’s most familiar DJs with a passion and social projects focused on empowering women and supporting other creatives to chase their dreams.

Black and white portrait of Odario and Ofield Williams

Odario and Ofield Williams

A cast of characters will perform and recreate the feeling of a live set in the virtual realm.