Artist: Hannah Brontë (Wakka Wakka, Yaegl)

A portrait of Hannah Brontë against a colourful backgorund.
Hannah Brontë (Wakka Wakka, Yaegl)

Employing the language and aesthetics of hip hop and popular culture, this music video environment harnesses female and Indigenous power.

The Project

Exploring forms of resistance practiced by women and first nations people around the world, Brontë presents a formidable future Australia in which an Indigenous woman is prime minister and parliament is entirely female.

Inviting audiences to expand their vision of what the future can hold, this hyper-female universe of densely loaded visuals portrays a government formed by strong women of all ages and ethnicities. The prime minister is an Indigenous woman, proud and fluent in her traditional language – a leader of the New World Order.

Through a politically charged, fiercely feminist rap entwined with oestrogen and camouflage, the parliament of Australia shall address the people.

Performers: Noni Eather, Lekaiya Rabbit, Grace Eather, Arig Isaak, Sarah Scott, Ashley Monkland, Yula Monkland and Ofa Fanaikia

Music: Daniel “Deekay” Kinchela, Douglas “DCP” Patrick

The Artist

Hannah Brontë (Wakka Wakka, Yaegl) is a visual artist employing video art, costume design, weaving, textiles, and installation to depict her imagined futures. As the creator of Fempress, Brontë’s dance parties, combining live hip hop acts with large scale art installations, have become immersive artworks. Brontë explores the careful balance of honouring the past whilst conjuring empowered new paths.