Belonging to Place: Season 2

Delve into projects and themes explored at the 2022 Nuit Blanche with artists scholars and cultural thought-leaders. Season 2 of Belonging to Place is hosted by Nuit Blanche’s 2020 to 2022 Artistic Director Dr. Julie Nagam.

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Light projection onto building with people watching and walking by

Reflect on the contributions that Nuit Blanche, comprising some 1,600 artworks, has made to the city of Toronto over the last 15 years. Hear from the contributors of a new book that illuminates the position of public art exhibitions within urban spaces: Dr. Janine Marchessault, Alyssa Fearson, Hiba Abdallah and Umbereen Inayet.

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Find out how skateboarding knowledge can invigorate the practices of languages, self-determination and culture. This episode touches on the importance of mentorship and how it can inspire a new generation of skateboarders armed with confidence, riding skills and a sense of self-worth. Featured skaters: Rosie Archie, Joe Buffalo, Riel Stevenson-Burke, Mark Igloliorte and language keeper Zipporah Nochasak.

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Go backstage on how a massive public art exhibition like Nuit Blanche comes to be. In this special episode, guest host Dr. Serena Keshavjee interviews Nuit Blanche Artistic Director Dr. Julie Nagam.

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Connect the dots on how large-scale exhibitions and festivals can activate creative cities to engage the public. This discussion about public exhibitions features a past Nuit Blanch artistic director, artists and key figures, Julie Pelligrin, Dr. Mark Campbell, Meera Sethi and Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory.

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A 10-episode podcast series featuring interviews and discussions about a geographic thematic. Artistic Director Dr. Julie Nagam speaks with artists, cultural producers and scholars to unearth different artistic practices and their relation to the rich history of rivers, oceans, mountains and forests as content and metaphor.

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Belonging to Place: Season 2 Podcast Credits

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Joel Mierau – Sound Engineer

Nabil Shash – Designer

Noor Bhangu – Research Assistant

Alicia Roberts – Associate Producer

Josiah Joseph – Transcript Editor

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