Located inside the Guild Park and Gardens, the Clark Centre for the Arts is undergoing a revitalization. The multipurpose facility will house art studios and be home to creative programs for Toronto residents and visitors to explore and enjoy. Guild Park and Gardens is a unique 88 acre site on the Scarborough Bluffs that includes forests, shoreline and a collection of architectural fragments, sculptures and buildings.

The Clark Centre for the Arts site has a long tradition of creativity and fine arts. Initially in the 18th century, the land surrounding the Clark Centre for the Arts site had been divided into tracts that were granted to loyalists who had served in the American Revolutionary War. After changing hands a number of times, General Harold Child Bickford purchased the property in 1914, named it the Ranelagh Park Country Estate and built the well-known Bickford House. Today, the Bickford House is a Designated Heritage Property, and considered an excellent example of early 20th Century Period Revival style with Arts and Crafts detailing.

In 1932, Rosa and Spencer Clark founded the Guild of All Arts after Rosa purchased 450 acres of land. The Guild of All Arts contained shops, a tea room, and studios in fine art and craft, including painting, sculpture, hand-loom weaving, tooled leather, ceramics, metal work, wood carving and batik. After the war the Clarks expanded the hotel and restaurant operation and created formal gardens. The area became known as the Guild Inn or the Guild. During Toronto’s building boom that began in the 1960s, many historic 19th and 20th century downtown buildings were demolished. As an advocate for architectural preservation, Spencer Clark recovered many of these buildings’ facades and architectural features to display on the grounds of the Guild.

The City of Toronto conducted community consultations from December 16, 2015 to October 31, 2016, collecting a wealth of information from a variety of stakeholders to inform and guide the planning for the arts and cultural facility at Guild Park and Gardens – The Clark Centre for the Arts (formerly Building 191).

Architectural services are being provided by Taylor Hazell Architects. Construction for the addition and rehabilitation of Building 191 (courtesy of Taylor Hazell Architects) is being provided by Atlas Construction Ltd.

Building Details

  • Three-storey building with each level approximately 12×24 metres (40×80 feet).
  • Total area of 967 square metres (10,400 square feet) with 550 square metres (6,000 square feet) of programmable space.
  • 140 square metres (1,500 square feet) green roof, visible from third floor.
  • Original wood heritage doors incorporated in the artist studios and panelling from the Clark’s boardroom in the office area.
  • Five large studio spaces and two small studios for artist in residency program.
  • Corridor gallery for incorporating displays on each level.
  • Six individual gender-neutral washrooms.
  • Sprinklers for fire safety and a security system.
  • Bird-friendly glass on all windows

See the floor plans

Completed work

Substantial completion of the new Clark Centre for the Arts has been reached. The construction fencing has been removed and pathways are reopened to the public.

All glass has now been installed. Carpets, linoleum and baseboards are in place and the concrete floor polishing is complete. The appliances are set up and the interior signage is complete.  The emergency lighting, fire safety systems and security systems are all operational and the final coat of paint is complete and only touch-ups remain. The main entrance sign is complete.

Outstanding work

  • Decorative stones to be reset on entry plaza
  • Sod and perennials to be planted
  • Line painting in the parking lot to be completed
  • The soffit cladding to be completed and painted
  • Final cleaning of masonry and stucco
  • Construction trailer to be removed
Image of front exterior of Clark Centre for the Arts.
Exterior view of front entrance.
In the middle of the photo is an interior pillar that spans two floors; the two story pillar supports a corner of the second floor lobby. Bottom of the photo shows main floor lobby including polished concrete floors, windows, two closed doors to the storage room and kitchen and two lobby chairs on the right hand side; to the left of the interior pillar are some construction materials on a trolley, a small chair and the closed door to the office. At the top of the photo is the glass barrier that sections off the second floor lobby; ceiling elements including a light, vents are in view.
Interior partial view of first and second floor lobbies looking south-east.
Image depicts view from inside 2nd floor gallery corridor, looking north
Inside view of second floor gallery corridor with view of second floor lobby.
Image depicts interior view of the Fibre arts studio looking at east wall with hooks installed and sink and counter on south wall.
Inside view of third floor Fibre arts studio

The Clark Centre for the Arts is planned to open in the early months of 2022. At full operational capacity, the centre will be able to offer the public a diverse roster of affordable and accessible arts programming, including:

  • Affordable pre-registered programs with multiple weeks of instruction during day, evening, weekend and summer hours.
  • Programs offered will include textile and digital arts, drawing, painting, sculpture, eco-arts, children’s summer art camps, theatre and literary arts for all age groups.
  • On-site artist residencies for professional and emerging artists
  • Community outreach workshops supported through community partnerships
  • Short-term facility rentals
  • Gallery Exhibitions featuring the visual work of professional, emerging and under-represented artists

Once open to the public, up to 70-90 unique and affordable arts and cultural programs will be offered on-site annually. The Clark Centre for the Arts will offer full-year programming through a public gallery, four specialized art studios, one multi-purpose room, two small artist-in-residence studios and two on-site cabins, providing up to 9,000 square feet of new, dedicated studio, exhibition and event space.

Sculptor’s Cabin

The Sculptor’s Cabin is a small historic building located near the front entrance of Guild Park and Gardens. The Cabin underwent a full renovation in spring 2019, and is now serving the community as a meeting place, and welcome and information centre. Please note, the Cabin is currently closed until further notice due to COVID-19.

Under a community partnership agreement with the Guild Park Stakeholder Group (members include: Friends of Guild Park and Gardens, Guild Festival Theatre, Guildwood Community Village Association and Guild Renaissance Group), the Cabin acts as a vibrant community resource to promote civic and cultural engagement.

Log Cabin

Located south of the centre, the Log Cabin will operate in the future as a program resource to support the CCA’s artist in residency and pre-registered programs.