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Located inside Guild Park and Gardens, the Clark Centre for the Arts is a stunning new cultural facility that houses specialized art studios and gallery spaces that Toronto residents and visitors can enjoy year-round. The Centre provides rental opportunities and delivers close to 85 accessible arts programs annually, including art courses, workshops and talks.

Guild Park and Gardens is a unique 88-acre site on the Scarborough Bluffs that includes forests, shoreline and a collection of architectural fragments, sculptures and buildings.

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Monday to Sunday: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Closed on statutory holidays.


191 Guildwood Pkwy.

Limited free parking is available.

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From Kennedy Station, take the 116 bus to Guildwood Pkwy at Guild Inn East Side.

For specific TTC route and schedule information call 416-393-4636 or visit the TTC website.

Clark Centre for the Arts offers a variety of visual arts workshops for children and adults. Browse visual arts courses & workshops online or via the brochure.

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To obtain your client and family numbers, please call Client Services at 416-396-7378. Staff are dedicated to providing timely, accessible and high-quality services to the public and will take all reasonable measures to accommodate accessibility needs.

Please contact Clark Centre for the Arts, if you have any special needs requirements. The Clark Centre for the Arts is excluded from Parks, Forestry and Recreation policies and procedures, including the Welcome Policy.

Charmaine Lurch (she/her)

Charmaine Lurch is an interdisciplinary visual artist whose work draws attention to human-environmental relationalities. Lurch’s paintings and sculptures are conversations on infrastructures and the spaces and places we inhabit. Working with a range of materials and reimagining our surroundings—from bees and taxi cabs to The Tempest and quiet moments of joy, Lurch subtly connects Black life and movement globally.

Lurch offers us materials that are seemingly simple and familiar. Figures marked in charcoal perform dynamic movements, allowing us to visualize active presence. Paint both pleases and jars vision to create new ways of seeing and knowing. Wire takes up space, is a drawing in space, wire moves through space. The formations cast shadows, trace landscapes, and act as a means to mark the inside/outside of things. These elements are her expressive and textural messengers. Bound together with research, they create signifying forms that seek to re-configure and rewire perception and ideas. Lurch’s residency will run from January to December.

Lorena Diaz (she/her)

Lorena is a multidisciplinary artist who came to Canada from Venezuela 43 years ago. She is a graphic artist by trade, but her passion for glass allowed her to be a speaker at a glass conference at Sheridan College. Lorena has shared her knowledge by teaching in many settings across Ontario, including at the Toronto District School Board, the City of Toronto, the Botanical Gardens and private studios and galleries. In 2019, after three decades of working with glass, she opened her studio, Glass iDiaz. Lorena has displayed a 30-panel glass-on-glass mosaic piece at the Aga Khan Museum and her residency at the Clark Centre for the Arts runs from July to December.

About the Artist Residency Program

The Clark’s Artist Residency program provides Toronto artists with opportunities to think, experiment, work and create in an artistic lakeside yet urban environment. The residency will conclude with a one-month exhibition in Gallery 191.

Apply to the 2024 Artist Residency Program 

Maven Talks is a free speaker series hosted throughout the year for artists and community builders to share their stories and experiences with the public.

The Clark Centre for the Arts site has a long tradition of creativity and fine arts. In the 18th century, the land surrounding the Clark Centre for the Arts site had been divided into tracts that were granted to loyalists who had served in the American Revolutionary War. After changing hands a number of times, General Harold Child Bickford purchased the property in 1914, named it the Ranelagh Park Country Estate and built the well-known Bickford House. Today, the Bickford House is a Designated Heritage Property, and considered an excellent example of early 20th Century Period Revival style with Arts and Crafts detailing.

In 1932, Rosa and Spencer Clark founded the Guild of All Arts after Rosa purchased 450 acres of land. The Guild of All Arts contained shops, a tea room, and studios in fine art and craft, including painting, sculpture, hand-loom weaving, tooled leather, ceramics, metal work, wood carving and batik. After the Second World War, the Clarks expanded the hotel and restaurant operation and created formal gardens. The area became known as the Guild Inn or the Guild. During Toronto’s building boom that began in the 1960s, many historic 19th and 20th century downtown buildings were demolished. As an advocate for architectural preservation, Spencer Clark recovered many of these buildings’ facades and architectural features to display on the grounds of the Guild.

Architectural services were provided by Taylor Hazell Architects and the construction was undertaken by Atlas Construction Ltd.

Sculptor’s Cabin

The Sculptor’s Cabin is a small historic building located near the front entrance of Guild Park and Gardens. It was renovated in spring 2019 and serves the community as a meeting place and information centre.

Under a community partnership agreement with the Guild Park Stakeholder Group, comprising Friends of Guild Park, Guild Festival Theatre, Guildwood Community Village Association and Guild Renaissance Group, the Sculptor’s Cabin acts as a vibrant community resource to promote civic and cultural engagement.

Log Cabin

Located south of the centre, the Log Cabin operates as a program resource to support the Clark Centre’s Artist in Residency and pre-registered programs.